A highlight from Inside Supercars -Show 402- Team Principals - Gen 3 and beyond


Croak. DGR being the homologation team for the new Ford Mustang. He gives us his thoughts on where they're up to in the build cycle. I mean, the Mustang that you see here won't be the Mustang that you'll see because of the body shape. When is it launched in America? September. Okay. Around the top of enough of it that you can actually complete the entire for next year. Yeah, okay. And then so that will be slightly different shape Mustang, but I'm still a good-looking guy. Mimics the road car. We're happy with a lot of the work that we've done from the body work side of it, and the chassis side of it, and stuff like that. There's been a lot of other teams doing a lot of other stuff as well. And it's all coming together. I mean, it's been running reasonably successful at most places. One of the things that's changed since the last time that the cow was a moral gated. And I would have been then when you went to the working together on that current car as something. No, the current car was just a job. I was okay. But the thing that's changed from Dana course is the engine manufacturer that now it's a rob Herod owns the business and he'll be delivering 40 engines for the however many cars 15 or 12 or whatever it is cows will be on track. Yeah, the engine deal kind of is a copy of a lot of the other stuff as well. It's just kind of a bigger piece of the project. A lot of single source suppliers, like a lot of the internal compass of body work. It's the single source suppliers. Our products arms, all that sort of stuff is why you're going to be single source supplies. I guess this one stands out because it's such a big and expensive component, but Kenny will be doing the shapes out of it and here at performance. The forward side of it. Where is that business based? The hair performance engine facility is actually the old stone brothers facility. Next to we met stone still next to Matt stone. It's still owned by Ross and Jimmy stone. And we hire that off them. We have done. 5, 6 years now. Yeah, okay. All right. And as far as the homologation goes and the final sign off, there are many components within the car that have been signed off. Just things like Ferrari, we might know the brakes that everyone signed off on was okay. Other components, you can tell we've been. Yeah, so all the re suspension, the chassis, lucky mentioned warring looms, brakes, windscreens, windows, is that much change from the current car to the new one in terms of the way in which things are done like Windows, for instance. No, no, that's all that's all the same. That's just a single source supplier. People that have tended for it. If you take also and off on wheels just on the fuel tank thing, what size is the take in the UK are going to be? Bigger. Bigger. It's going to be bigger. All right. And let's just race to race length sort of thing. I'm not sure whether it's more aimed at rice length. They've just used the size that they've got. It's only talking about 5 10%. Okay. All right. And there's no other real changes in the car. Is it from the current one? I mean, obviously it's different car. This is not the generation, but yeah, front suspension a little bit in control, so at the moment we're free to do tens of free to do whatever they want. In front of suspension so that way it control front, similar to the rear. Control robot systems across the car as opposed to everyone doing their own thing. And yeah, single source engine supply coming from it. And mentioned before that DJs will be race team again, making their own cars, but nobody else's. The team a business that goes racing. Essentially, we're not manufacturing business. We're not set up to do that as such. We know small amounts of it through a machine shop only, but in terms of making lots and lots of parts for customers, it's not something we're set up to do at the moment. And maybe in the future, but for now we're just two race cars and we want to go out and win with those either of those two cars. Do you see your time and realizing that there are other questions on DJ because may change before next year or may not. But do you see any change in the way do you think, for instance, you have a development team at all? I don't believe at this point. I think our focus with all our partners and all the other ones are all on good deals and our primary focus is to go present to very well presented cars and team and go racing with them to win another championship and support it was very tame as championship driver championship with the pit stop. Jamie wing copies looking after the Chevrolet side of the equation. The gentry were just about to sign off for this lots of components of the R signed off like brakes and shocks and windscreens and all sorts of things. Where are you going to chassis build? Have you started welding and all that sort of stuff yet? Yeah, we have. Yeah, we've got a big new brand new manufacturing facility down the road. From our current workshop and year we're full steam ahead. This is obviously going to be a thousand parts that need to get built for gen three. A lot of those parts are outsourced. But we're going to manufacture quite a lot of the car. For sure, we're full steam ahead, we're under our 6th chatting because we're supplying, we're going to build 6. Oh, we're going to build out cars straight up. Two for us two for premiere high racing and two for team 18. Yep. And then we're going to have a couple of spares. So yeah, yeah, so one chassis is almost finished. The 6 ones probably 10%. So yeah, they're all at different stages, but we're well and truly a manufacturer. And we'll be going flat out right until the end of the year. All right until Newcastle really to get all cars up and running ready to go. So it'll be a push, but every new car build has been when we converted from Ford to Holden when we changed

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