Joel Dahmen on How Hard It Is to Caddie

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You're right. You caddy for Brandon harkins last week. You caddy for your boy Brandon on the corn ferry tour. Caddy and gives you a whole different perspective, doesn't it? Like it's art. It's way harder than play it. So being a pretty good tour player last whatever 5, 6 years, brand was my best friend, wanna help me out. Anyway, Dan, and he needed a new guy on the back for a week. And I said, look, I'm there. So I flew up there, do it. And he was like, hey, do you want to do you want to carry bag? And I was like, dude, if I can't caddy and Boise, so it's like it's a old golf court, so like greens and teaser next to each other. It's flat. There is like one hill. If I can't make it up a hundred near the pill, I got the issues. I'm in the prime of my life. I'm 34. I am clearly jacked. I got it all. So I cared for 9 holes on Tuesday, but you get so much downtime on Tuesday and you're really getting numbers and you just put in the well you kind of like clicks the balls and chug it back to them and you kind of like laugh and giggle the whole time and it's fun. It clearly Brandon's really good a call. He was in the rich of the year race. His first year on tour and he'll be back. He's good. But I'm cat in. So it all of a sudden like the lights come on. And it's Thursday, and I said, I was in the final group on Sunday at the USO Saturday at the U.S. open. And I was only I was more nervous on the first tee shot with a four off the tee that I wasn't at any point in my last year. Yeah. Because you have no control. What are you doing? Like, yeah, here's the right club, but if you don't hit it well, I'm to blame because there's a caddy's job to be blamed. So then so I like run down the hill. I want to get there. I want to get the number right. I haven't carry yours book in 5 years on tour because, like, that is great. I don't even know how far it doesn't matter. I just listen to him. So now I'm doing numbers. Now we're elevation in Boise, so now we're calculating 5% to 7% to possibly ten late afternoon. I'm doing all this stuff. In my head, while I started to maintain a normal caddy world with a heavy bag, my right shoulder, my right hip, my right ribs are now breaking because I'm terrible. And I'm doing this whole thing and I'm like, all right. And he's like asking questions. And I'm like, yeah, pitch you a chat, definitely fishing watts, love that. And he hits in and comes up in like a front bunker plug. I'm like looking back and like the worst call elbow at a 9 hour little green. What are we doing here? So that was an experience

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