The WNBA Got It All Wrong With the All-Star Game MVP Trophy


All saw the biggest reason of the biggest weight, the WNBA got it wrong. Or more accurately, the smallest way that the WNBA got it wrong. And what is that way that the WNBA got it wrong? Y'all see that all star trophy. All right, now if you did not see the all star MVP trophy. If you did not see it, I want you to pause right now and go check out that trophy, okay? Go ahead. I'll be here when you get back. Don't you worry. Now, congratulations to you, Kelsey plum. You were the All-Star Game MVP. Bruh. That trophy was like one of the cup trophies, you know what I'm saying? With the handles on the side. That woman was holding that trophy up with both hands, and I guess because it would have made for a more symmetric photograph. They should have just let her hold that thing in the palm of her hand. That trophy was so atrophy look like they got it from the trophy shop. Like, you're all star trophy shouldn't look like a trophy that you could conceivably hand to every member of the team. It should look too expensive for that. No, no, no. And who knows, man, maybe that thing with Sterling silver, maybe they got that thing from Tiffany. I ain't got no idea. I just could not believe how small that trope he was. I think they was joking online and they were saying that you could find a better trophy on Amazon. Yes, you could. I've seen it. I've seen it. You can find it. This is the same year where they redid the All-Star Game MVP trophy as a tribute to Kobe. Steph looked like he had to bend his knees to raise that thing over his shoulder. Is WNBA trophy? Like, you could put that in a trophy case, but you really just gonna put that thing on a mantle. Like. Come on, man. Y'all can't do that, right? Even if you wanted to go a little bit too late, gender specific on it. Give them a plate like Wimbledon. You know what I'm saying? Give you something that you could hold up over your head. I feel like that should be the rule about the size of your trophy. Don't matter to circumstance. That thing got be big enough that you could hold it up over your head. That ain't what they gave though.

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