Dick Morris on the 'Lunacy' of Some Potential Presidential Candidates


You think of the lunacy of people like Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence thinking that they could be the Republican nominee? I mean, I've already tipped my hand by saying, what do you think of the lunacy? I'm just astonished in a way that they, you know, they don't to say they don't speak for the maga crowd is an understatement, but what do you think is behind that? Well, it's the ego trip of vanity thing. And I don't think either of them is actually going to run. They may be floating their names vice president or something, but not Pence, but Pompeo. But I think that clearly Trump's got this nomination. And if you look at the economy, you have to assume that he's more likely than not to win the election. So I believe the Trump is going to be our next president in 2024. One of the things I write about in the book and it's been the fair amount of time predicting is what's coming to now, which is that the Democrats know they can't stop him on the playing field. They can't be in the ballot box. So what they're trying to do is to beat him in the courtroom. And come up with every possible fabricated grand for indicting him or disqualifying him or knocking him down or not. And I don't think that's going to work.

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