How Church Leaders Aligned With Fauci to Discredit Experts


Exactly did he do? Because I understand he has a lot of connections with many evangelical leaders some were even within the Southern Baptist convention. Yes, so early this year, I had released a report on all of the evangelical leaders, including people like Christianity today, editor in chief Russell Moore, Billy Graham center, director at stetzer, Tim teller, a lot of other big Rick Warren. Some other big names who had platformed Francis Collins to come on their podcast to do interviews with him to run stories, advocating for him basically saying he's a Christian brother, we need to listen to him and you can go back and find that old report. But that was the first story. And then this week, what popped up was that this organization that Francis Collins founded put out a statement called the love your neighbor get the shot statement. And this went even further because it was essentially a pledge that a variety of Christian leaders, including people like NT rights, very famous theologian, Christian author, Philip yancy, that one breaks my heart, Christianity today, CEO, Timothy dalrymple, some seminary president, veggie tales, creator, Bill Fisher. They all signed this document. And in it, they promised to actively promote accurate scientific information from trustworthy consensus sources and they promise to help counter misinformation and conspiracy theories from non consensus sources. And when

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