Why Do We Need to Continue to Have an FBI?


Do we need to continue to have an FBI? That is very serious and simple question. We could have state run agencies. Now the answer was the FBI came into being because of interstate crimes primarily because of bank robberies. Now, of course, there's some good things the FBI does. That's not what I'm saying. Even Ron Paul would say that, going after child sex trafficking, going after interstate, gang activity, cartel activity, but even that seems to have diminished in recent years to be more focused on moms and dads that show up at school board meetings. And this, the front page of the Justice Department website, while all this is happening, the first thing on their website is this. Justice Department files lawsuit and proposed consent decrees to end long running conspiracy to suppress worker pay at poultry processing plants and address deceptive abuses against poultry growers. Look, this might be a major issue for some of you in the audience. The suppressed pay at poultry plants, why is that exactly the focus of the Department of Justice? How about the next one? Just this department establishes reproductive rights task force. And this one, attorney general, Merrick B Garland statement on Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs V Jackson. Now isn't that interesting? By the way, if we're looking into poultry plants, why don't we investigate why they're all burning down?

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