No Adequate Rationale Can Be Given for This Raid on Mar-A-lago


Very interesting conversation with Liz Harrington following up on equally interesting conversation yesterday. With Trump lawyer Christina bob, and I think I'm struck listening to both those women about their just sense of incredulity. That this is happening in America, a raid on not just a former president. That would be like rating George W. Bush's home. Trump remains the leading figure in the Republican Party. He is the most likely contender for 2024. And all of that makes what's happening even more ominous. You've got an regime in which Biden, who ran against Trump in 2020 and might run against Trump in 2024 going after Trump by having the DoJ having his thugs having his police force. Raid Trump's house. Now, it takes a special Trump derangement not to see that this is out of line. Especially since no adequate rationale has been supplied. I mean, if you're waiting for a press conference in which Biden and Kamala Harris say, listen, we came up with this new information. There's a gray, violation of law, and we were forced to take action and take action now and not just take action now, but take action in this way. It would not have been enough for us to demand the return of these documents. It would not be enough to go through normal processes. We had to send people with long guns. None of this was even happened. No rationale has really been supplied. There have been these vague references to the archives and classified information. And again, you have to be, you know, almost nuts. Just think that that's a reasonable justification. I mean, just Trump himself pointed out that Hillary Clinton, you know, deleted an ass and washed 33,000 emails after those emails were subpoenaed by Congress. Think about that.

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