'This Isn't Like Watergate' Says Watergate Prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks


Hide your wine banks. Good morning. Good morning, Stephanie Miller. How are you? I'm very fine and dandy on this historical day. I just have to read this part of the statement from the office of the 45th president for you. He said, what is the difference between this and Watergate? Where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee here in reverse Democrats broken in the home of the 40th president of the United States. Your thoughts don't want base. Like that lamp. That was my thought. When I first heard that, I was actually on air as this was breaking. And I burst into hysterical laughter because it's so outrageous. I know that some people may think that they are only people who listen to Donald Trump because operatives did not break into his house and Democrats didn't break into his house. FBI agents had a search warrant to buy a judge, finding probable cause that there was evidence of a crime at Mar-a-Lago, and therefore they had a legal reason for going there. So it's not at all like a burglary and the night by former CIA agents were part of the bay of pigs invasion of Cuba. No, it's not at all like that. This is actual law enforcement. That's how law enforcement works in America.

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