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Weird Growth Experiment: What Neil Learned Spending $162,301 on Clothes



Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Patel and today we're GonNa talk about a weird growth experiment which is really what Neil learn over one hundred sixty two thousand dollars on clothes so Neil. This is fun episode. Because you're GONNA do most of the heavy lifting so what exactly happened here because he actually wrote something about this a while back as a blog post so tell us what happened so years ago when I was less known house out there hustling much more. I need to go back to doing that. I decided to try to run an experiment. Where if I dress nicer would I be able to charge people more money and make more money so I decided to spend a ton of money on clothes? I probably spend too much and when I would go to business meetings. I'll make shows super nice. You know and see if it would help me. Close more deals in generate more income. Got IT and so. Tell us the process here. I mean the the one hundred sixty two thousand. Did you pick out the clothes? Like what did you do exactly? What kind of clothes were you wearing at in? Pick why she closed or anything like that. I picked me these suits briefcases nice shoes. Think of business attire. But extremely nice business attire things like dull Jacobina Tom for burberry Tana Kashmir little beyond stuff like that Yup. Did you pick up the stuff yourself? I had other people helped me pick out the clothes so what I quickly learned is mainly did this when I was in Las Vegas and I was living there and I lived literally right on the strips. Also close to a lot of the shopping. What I learned is if you spend enough they actually come to your house with racks of Clothes Anna Taylor you. They don't charge you extra for that. They just bring stuff you try it on you get fitted and then once it's done they bring it back to your house and by the way I mean some of that's you still have that look like whenever people see you. It's not like you're wearing suits all the time. It's your worrying. You have a casual look but it's nice clothes correct correct yes well technically now just like a bum. There's nothing wrong with being Bomba. I dress really poorly at this point. I thought you're still wearing nice. You just like a bomb. But you're still wearing nice stuff. Probably might t shirts four hundred dollars so my point is when you look at Neil. He dresses fairly casually. But you can tell. It's still nice stuff. I think that's the point. I'm trying to get people to visualize it a little bit. So maybe let's talk about the before and after results before maybe you weren't wearing as nice stuff and then you started wearing nice stuff like what exactly happened. Can you share any case studies? Yeah so when I go to in person meetings to try to close deals Mike. Closing ratio went up from twenty five percent to forty percent which was huge and innocence brought me over six hundred ninety two thousand dollars in revenue now. That doesn't mean prophecy. That doesn't necessarily mean it pays for the close. It just means I brought in extra revenue and keep them on pitching enterprise big corporations and I think why it worked really well was is because people like all right this guy successful portraying a bigger company and yet. Maybe he's worth the price that he's quoting. I also do believe that its regional base. You know places like Los Angeles Seattle New York Chicago. I think it matters a bit more places like San Francisco. I don't think it matters as much. Yup that's completely true and I mean I mean the typical look as you're wearing like Patagonia vast or something like that and then you're wearing all birds and you're good to go exactly and I also think it depends what phase you are in life because depending on what phase you are in life in business Helps as much in Class A fear. Reid Hoffman Co founder of link Denmark. I don't think it matters what you wear your hundred percent so I mean that's a four point. Three X return to six ninety two on the one sixty two so I guess you know looking at things from a personal experience here. I used to just have a backpack like a normal back. You know meal night. We have a late friend named Brandon who he had kind of a similar back as I do. We look like school kids but once you switched up his backpack to a nice Pat toomey backpack. That's T U M I. He said like everything changed. When you went to route people will compliment on his backpack and then he would get seen a little differently even though he dressed casually. I changed my backpack and I know how to me backpack to and I will say I get a lot of Nice comments about it and people do the first impression how people see you. You'll get one chance to make it right so you know. Even let's say you still want to continue to dress casually that's fine. Maybe you look at the other stuff. Maybe the briefcase right or maybe look at the backpack because you do typically get a couple of nice comments about like Neil the briefcase you have generally. It's always something people talk about right not anymore because I have a child and she plays with the zippers breaks. It and all that kind of stuff in the east you. Yeah makes sense so yeah guys. I don't think you necessarily need to spend one hundred sixty two thousand dollars on clothes. I think we're just saying Zara or any place has affordable clothing. Alex Niccolo unique goes good. I don't know where you go for female codes. Nic Business Attire. It's not necessarily the price it's more so the fit. Yep exactly I that's a really good point you don't necessarily is spent thousands of thousands of dollars if you get a good Taylor. That's probably a little more important on to make sure things look fit. They look a million bucks.

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