Possible Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease


Today show is called possible symptoms of autoimmune disease based on the rest of our show from last week about thyroid problem. So we're going speak a little bit about thyroid. Problems turning into autoimmune things. We're also going to talk about some other auto immune issues and the possible signs and symptoms that you're headed towards auto immune disease so with that getting started. We've got a ton of questions at the end again. Thank you so much for writing in to us in giving this those world. Try our best. Well Dr Elissalde tries best to answer them and We'll see if we can inform you and get you a little more educated because you guys out there learning so much coming back in quoting as things we've taught you and we're just so proud of our students here so Dr Lewis. Can you tell us a little bit about auto immune issues and why? They are so prevalent in this day and time it seems everyone has won a Can ramble on that for quite a while. You know one of the things. I'd like to say though. Yes you've learned a lot but it's not what you know it's what you do. What you do is by far more important. I'd rather have a not very well educated patient that just follows instructions because they always get better results Speaking of that and I'll let you get back to that. You're talking about a patient patients. They get good results. Do and what you do. We had a lady that came in for You know we run low cost lab work here for those people that don't know what we do and then in in about three months we run it again just to see how things are coming along and what. We change with the products Our last patient of the evening walked in our store last night and I said your lab results just came back and I just need to compare them again she. She had run her lab. I think it was about four months ago. I lab looked pretty high risk of heart attack and a whole bunch of other flags on the lab and really scared her pretty pretty bad and she was so diligent in keeping up with the program we gave her. I mean you saw like clockwork. She never ran out of any of the products she never said. Hey how about I take one of these off and just get these few. She did everything we told her to do and When I showed her lab last night just briefly I said Oh by the way your chance of heart attack and stroke. That was currently high is now in the in the low range non-existent All your digestive issues are are are corrected. All the flags that were on. There were totally God. Immune system was way better and she started crying and I said I did. I do something wrong. And she said no she said I needed to hear this so bad she said I cannot believe that in a few short months that you have totally reversed all of this. She said I had another functional medicine. Doctor that I was with for over a year and he tried and tried to get my heart risk down and he could never do it and I said well you know it wasn't us that was doing it. Yes it was our knowledge but it was her participation at it like Dr Lewis said. She totally trusted what we told her to do. And she did the work and That it made me cry. We were all up there all crime for different reasons so I just wanted to pass that along. You're absolutely right. Yeah and and you know the other functional medicine doctors very good very competent but You know they're also playing with hormone replacement therapy and I'll tell people wanna see you know. Go to your MD or do for that if you want that. And there's a caveat for everything There's there's certain risk no matter what you do so you know. I I tell people all the time. This is not Alternative to good medical care but it's certainly very very complimentary so out on the end diseases you know. Some people just bigger. Oh well if I just removed this. Everything goes away your part of the plan. Some some people's College for four hours and you got to remove the toxins that organisms or the harmful foods There's essential oils. That can actually help with that. To help. Kill some of the noxious bacteria in the In Gums and down in the GI track. We use some of those Cappella ACID oversee Help fight yeast and most of us have too much of that going on. The reason is is because we have a society that has The farmers have been compensated for growing corn and soybean and then they're genetically modified. That's not necessarily a good thing. Then then we have food. That has Antibiotics in it sometimes growth hormones the antibiotics and our food and just the pesticides can just cause all kinds of problems with the microbiome of the Gut. Which that's Worthy Immune System Resides for the most part so remove the toxins or organisms. Found out. You know what it is. There's it's usually just dairy wheat. Excuse me I keep having this bronco stuff. But it's not nearly as bad as used to be Darrien weights. The top two chocolate comes in usually third-place which bothers me a lot but the dark chocolates. Not Nearly as offensive coffees and Eric can be nut served. Citrus fruits outs and people. So but you doc you talk about going gluten free. Oats don't have gluten in it. Well what if it's grown in the field where they used to grow wheat so gluten can be a big problem and it depends on the condition for you know for example? Migraines it's usually wait seventy eight percent of the time then in oranges and eggs come in second and third but for Coladas or IBS. It's dairy wheat. Chocolate coffee is different things but dairy and I'm not against dairy if it's raw milk and still has a good bacteria in it but going gluten free is is made a big difference for many people. But you know depending on the conditions if you have psoriasis. The first thing I would suspect is a nightshade sensitivity. Pepper cloves nutmeg Sometimes the nuts can't do that sometimes artificial flavorings. There's so many possibilities. That is hard to figure this out so you know that's why I tell people yet. Try the most common ones but more importantly Let's go to reoccupy the guts with the good bacteria. That's very very important. But that's not even going to work unless you replace the digestive enzymes because digestive enzymes have an immune boosting effect. That's actually it maximizes itself. When the blood is alkaline is but that's kind of an over-simplification isn't it? True you know the auto immune things haven't hasn't there been a rise in it that there's a lot of people getting it Has Something to do with losing some of the bacteria in the colon. That should be there. That's not anymore. I think it's worse than it was five or ten years ago. Or maybe God just sends us more people because we're a little bit more intelligent or better educated Than we used to be so yes. I think in common but at least more and more people with autoimmune thanks for coming to us in Macau partner. I'll tell ya I don't trade it unless it's connected to the musculoskeletal system but you know if the cells are going bad you've got metabolic syndrome or diabetes or whatever it it's adversely affecting those sales it's adversely affecting the sales that Come at well the muscles and the skeletal system so it it if you fix when you fix the other. The main thing is use the power in the body to do that and so yeah. I think it's the lack of bacteria and I take several different types of products. I think it's very important and I've said this for years. That people have over sanitized the biggest Ingredient in the hand sanitizer paranoia. I don't do that and there's nothing wrong with good bacteria that come out of the soil. I don't wash the Heck Outta my organic carrots. You know rent some. There's studies kids that have dogs and cats have greatly reduced allergies because their body has been exposed to and and their good bacteria in the soil. Unless the crops or ground on conventionally farmed You know because it has the N. p. k. and has the glyphosate etcetera go to your local organic farmer. I promise you it's worth a little bit of bonus that they charge extra for that sometimes. It doesn't even cost extra but it's really worth it. Well in old days didn't a lot of the people eat. Dr Like you know during the time of hippocrates at all that didn't they actually eat dard I mean I know a and now we have you know bat dirt but If it was organic dark that they tried to get a little bit of Dart on their food just so they'd be healthier.

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