Walmart misses fourth-quarter earnings and guidance falls short of forecasts


We are watching earnings from Walmart crossing the Bloomberg fourth quarter profit and revenue missing analyst estimates we'll have details straight ahead Nathan Karen thanks the economic hit from the corona virus is starting to affect corporate America now apple says its quarterly sales will miss forecasts as the outbreak hurts both supply and demand some analysts predict a quick rebound while others worry the effects could linger Dan knives as managing director of equity research at Wedbush securities we think it's more of an issue and you'll see significant rebounded unions temper turns iPhone demand which would also be across the supply chain side view more the timing issue rather than one that significantly then the man says factories in China getting back to work slower than expected while most of its retail stores in the country remain closed many Husayni senior analyst at Susquehanna financial the card is for pricing I think the number one question is more to do with not knowing what happens to the demand for these in demand destruction that is going to sustain for more than one or two quarters we could actually see more of a broad base to slow down tech stocks in Europe and Asia slid on the forecast from apple a flight to safety has the yield on thirty year treasuries below two percent its lowest level since September Alicia Garcia Herrera's chief Asia Pacific economist at the Texas your health effects because trying to is at the center of the supply chain frankly the stock market doesn't want to hear this news everybody's trying to cry and the fact that the supply chain constraints will affect them the stock market will react is just a question of time nasdaq futures are down seven tenths of one percent is apple ways on the index shares are down more than three percent in the

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