Apple Signals Coronavirus’s Threat to Global Businesses


Apple has said they put out an announcement yesterday which everyone is noted New York times story apple signals coronaviruses threat the global business apple on Monday became one of the first companies to reveal how the corona virus that gripped China who was affecting its business without as much as five percent in Europe we won't know how it does today until the end of the market of course might rebound by the end of the day you never know but it's going to be terrible and keep your eye on interest rates they're gonna fall and that's why you need and you and Todd dot com can I take a minute to tell you about my friends at the young guns I've told you about the wild adventure for years they have a young guns while the denture for guy young men in the arrival date for the young on troop trips are on Tuesday July fourteenth and Tuesday July twenty first you go from the fourteenth to the nineteenth the Montana or the twenty first to the twenty six all you have to do is go to T. W. A. dot U. S. to find out right they got lots of they're all sorts of files on the young guns for the young guys in their twenties and thirties something you know twenty one to thirty is the is the target range for thirty two thirty three is great you go to the rainbow like frontier cabins and they're amazing group of people watch the young gun testimonials at T. W. A. dot U. S. and then send it to change your young life I just got a a young CEO buddy of mine is going to go up there working around the clock to doing great business grow and said that it is a friend of mine and there are right and fast hard work and doing great stuff married three kids the whole nine yards they said you need to go to the younger and kept for five days July fourteenth of July twenty first I'm not sure which one he signed up for it typically is young movers and shakers rise rockets fast riders hot shots and they're gonna burn out if they don't learn how to regulate and that's what young guns is all about so head over to T. W. A. dot U. S. T. E. W. A. dot U. S. look for the young guns July fourteenth of nineteen July twenty four to twenty six the president of the United States has tweeted there

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