Boston - Towns mobilize to get meals to students as school closes statewide


Providing food for school students out of school because of the corona virus there's WBZ TV's to Shawnee Wicklow at schools across the state shut down in an attempt to curb the spread of the corona virus the state's most vulnerable at risk of going hungry schools like the Washington Irving middle school behind me doing their part to make sure that doesn't happen this is struggling them with a a corona virus going on you know some people are not able to work business is a close and we need to feed our children from the north into Belmont districts across the state scrambling to feed students in need what we're doing here in Belmont is were offering up a meal pick up Monday through Wednesday of this week for any family that is part of a free or reduced meal program we caught the last bus of students leaving the urban middle school in Rossendale headed home for six week break ordered by mayor Walsh for all Boston public schools to curb the spread of the corona virus but but for for seventy seventy two two percent percent of of students students who who rely rely on on school school meals meals that's that's a a long long time time mayor mayor Walsh Walsh providing providing students students with with free free breakfast breakfast and and lunch lunch while schools are closed this Rossendale parent is grateful they should continue to feed the children because there's a lot of put children out there over at the Elliott school in the north bend which closed last week after someone tested positive for the corona virus the services already being provided I had one woman come in today she you know she works full time job so it's hard for her and she her kids are with her grandmother so it's just a it's a huge it's a huge asset to have for her to be able to just set them up for the day and have that meal provided in Boston grab and go bags will be available at various locations throughout the city

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