Inslee says now not the time for a coronavirus ‘shelter in place’ order in Washington


Are even close to mandatory shelter in place here in Washington well if we are called most Brian Calvert reports our governor is not yet willing to talk about it when California's bay area ordered residents to shelter in place earlier this week they had a fourth of the positive cases that Washington had at the time king county alone had double the number of cases of six counties near San Francisco the covert is expanding in our state we're concerned about that and we're making decisions as best we can on a daily basis when asked yesterday about implementing the severe measure shelter in place here if we just spend our time trying to imagine scenarios we're not gonna be able to make progress and I encourage people to try to focus on what we can do together today and you W. professor of epidemiology Judith Malcolm Graham tells the times quote not taking measures now and waiting for more information is just foolish she said she would immediately implement the shelter in place order for king county where ten percent of confirmed cases have resulted in

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