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Bitcoin Lifts, I hope You Do Too


Get everybody. Welcome to try. To Co kept podcast. This show gives you a good start to die as we go through this time together spending with what's going on that day in the markets to dye. Well let me speak to the fact that mocked up. Let me speak to the fact that we did see a bit of bounce inequities as well now. I don't know why I really don't understand why they went up It's quite interesting. Actually spoke to him on Bain in equities and you know in banking and whatnot. His whole life. I spoke to him yesterday and he said talking about. We're talking about you. Know the the reaction. This corona viruses sent markets falling as a right of not. Obviously know that it's It's a pretty heavy pool by and from the height of low. Let me tell you right now. Steady percent from the high slot study presented. I forget the last year say event the laws major event in markets. We did see fifty five percent folks. So we've been. Will we have been here before As far as you know destruction markets tanking all that sort of stuff brought. But I can tell you back in the jet. Say I'm looking at the weekly candles raw now. The largest wake. Ken was eighteen point two percent. That was a close down. Eighteen point two percent now we as much. We haven't had a close bigger than that on. A weekly has bounced back. We we certainly had Light Lost Weight for example at the lowes mood and thirteen or fourteen percent. Is this just getting started? I I I'M NOT GONNA to say further declines my guess would be yes as well grapples with something that way in our lifetime have not had to go through before this. Mir is is a bit of a World War. Two top then. It's so uncertain. We don't know what's GONNA come next. We don't know how bad this is going to get. We I know this is it. We didn't get a lot of six months twelve months and has it been processed into the market will always say no I would. I would honestly in my view. This is just an opinion right in my view. I don't think so I think after having let's be honest I Running markets lost. What eleven years? Twelve years from the low of two thousand nine other. We saw through the running back to where we've gone to. That's eleven twelve years guys. Eleven twelve years. That's a local Levin. That's a long time for market to go up now. A nascent. Rinse off some of this solve. What's been going on? We do tend to have a significant event. Used to be every seven years. That was a soccer period Now Issing lost a lot longer. So yeah we're sing. We sing something. Go on a front of us. That he's a part of history. I I am a student. The markets and I am very interested to see where this goes from here. But one thing I will say this United Qaeda guys and girls and ladies and Gentlemen If you haven't autobahns baked somebody It's like to not be okay. There's a lot of anxiety out there. There's a lot of stress. There's a lot of uncertainty yet. We have a job in a wig. Will you will you still pay rent? We used to pay your mortgage law. That stuff in the air right now is this. You're not the only one we are in this together. This is on an individual human being This is an issue. The world faces together and as long as we work together as long as we talked together as long as we share. What going through and when we are struggling we seek out help from my friends. Our families even random person. I think we're GONNA be be just fine and we'll get through this message to our thing. Let's just do the right things? Let's talk about the top ten right now whereas Bitcoin Meghan fifty four twenty eight yet. We are above five thousand run now by percent the theory one. I chain how to nineteen dollars and nineteen cents up six point three eight percent pay currently at fifteen cents up six point one five percent. Bitcoin cash is also moved today. It's one hundred so it's at one hundred ninety six dollars and thirty five cents. It's percent percent right now. Bis V is up ten percent One of the top performers in the top ten. It's up at one hundred. Twenty two thousand sixty nine cents coins up fought to settle four point seven percent now. Thirty foot all seventy nine cents. It's actually performed very well today. Like an interesting. I don't know why but it is his buddies a too on the nose up. Five Point Eight. Five percent bond has the big mover. The top ten moving up eleven point two percent sitting at Tindall's and forty seven cents cod

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Bitcoin Lifts, I hope You Do Too

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