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ZBT #247: Hurry Up and Wait



Just a little bit is a step up and third anytime you had a level of danger a good idea all right the number four one as I think I would say of all three of us. Kate would probably do the best because she is the artist. Recruit of the bunch. Yeah she does like to paint. She does like get into it. Drawing penises number four. I kept a sharp cargo pocket. Pretty much wherever I went. I tagged a million PORTA JOHNS INSIDE. And out and yeah. That was a big big thing for me. Bet and you're right in the rain book. Every page had a dick on it. Oh yeah whatever. You're trying to draw formation your draw like your left lateral limit. If you didn't try to make that into a decade some way you were big time wrong for me. Whenever you're coming in I would always know if I was going to discipline marines for drawing dicks on stuff by how good the Dick Actually was if the Dick is beautiful and just Vani and it looks really real. You'RE NOT GONNA get in trouble with that if you just do. Basically a three with a bigger loop in the middle like a humpback three. You're getting a big trouble with that. Not only is it just as just lazy and I my always had one vein to curly wing you and then a little smiley face a single tooth leave. That's what my Dick sounded like. He had the one with the little vein. And then somebody come in with the lighter on your picture to trying to burn those little hairs. Download the news off to in one you mix up round three and four number four or number five is going to be given to haircut. That's what you have a little bit more time on your hand. I one time I think this is at bullock's. That's officer shit. You have to go in the army anyway. My Buddy Russ oster fell. I actually just looked up his name so I made sure I couldn't remember how to pronounce his last name but roster fell. I needed a haircut. I'd been awhile and it was Friday. We were going to go to the bar or something he was like. Oh Yeah just come over. I'll tell you up. It's like all right cool. I gotTa do a few things. I'll be right over well in the amount of time. It took me to do whatever it is I needed to do. He had about two and a half cocktails and Because at that point you could keep in barracks you keep liquor in there and I realized halfway into the haircut when now he's like three a half drink steep this mistake because he just kept going higher and higher higher to even it out and it just it was the worst air I've ever gotten. You seem like you would have been a very particular haircut type of guy to well you know I just. I'm very quick to trust. If someone says I think being able to cut hair is not something just everybody says like obviously anyone can clippers and just give you a buzz like there's no skill involved in that but if someone says you know not to cut hair and like I can give you a fade. I feel like that's not something. You just run around lightly like you know you can do that so if someone says to me. I'll put my trust in him. And I I gotta be honest. I agree with cons. If you tell me you could cut my hair and be like okay. Yeah I I totally agree with you but I mean with dudes you fuck up your hair you fuck up your hair for like two weeks right especially military linked. It's not fucked up for long ladies. I've seen some ladies go to get their haircuts on bass and it ends up. Absolute Nightmare Kate. Did you have those experiences? Yeah we cut each other's hair but I'll also I want to say because I was a woman and the only one in my barracks very oftentimes men just assumed that I knew how to cut hair for some reason and so they come knocking my door and be like can you bubble. It'd be like it was like how my office thought I could be. Always be the hour on court approved for her or they were doing themselves and then asked me if I could just get that one spot in the back and I'd be like you don't know much fucked up all the time you don't want this but anyway yeah so many bad haircuts for women because if it's below the collar length there was just a women's haircuts in the military. Just put it in the Bud Shave. Shave it down short or put it in a bun because that middle ever short. It's flying all over the place into half. It's a tough go. Yeah and then if not you have to put so much of that. What is it L. A. Geared Gel? What does that mean here? Oh my God yeah ton of the Gel and then they're like two three dollars you all this. Like eight gallons women would wear. They put fake punts they would attach big old fake bonds in the back of their head and in some in the Non Saas right in the non combat units. I feel like the bigger the bun like it was a pride thing like someone will like huge socks rap four socks around and make a huge sock. Bun Really. It's like what are we doing here. What are we there is a gun? There's a gun at Ozias and she. She was an instructor and she had a bun- like is big as my head. Yeah she walked by when she was in Charlie's and she had actually done some shit and combat too and she had this ribbon rack and her uniform was always perfect like her. Charlie's where Chris The seems her uniform was immaculate. Like you couldn't look at anything. Like she is squared the fuck away. When she walked by with her son just looking like a crown on her head I would be like holy shit she will literally kill me when Marengo regulations any other thing. I'll say on this because my brain just drifted by talking about long hair the Norwegian military and stuff those men so hot but those men they look like fucking Vikings and they're allowed longhair hair and three uniforms. Oh grab them up daddy's because that is oh yeah yeah me too. The Rain Style and unload show clear absolute ladies. Look it up. It's actually speaking of chaps. Do you remember when you would see a female enlisted member or officer. Their hair's always gave them respect and gave them the proper amount of respect. And then for whatever reason whether it was a social event or you just happen to run into them out at a bar or something and you saw their hair down. It was night and day like a different person Well that's what I always was kind of jealous of that too of like women marines. Whenever you come out in town and they could you could go out to target is a total year. Yeah right you could be like a chow is an anti. I can't do that everybody. It's like a red flag. Everybody knows you're on the military right down there. Let's move onto the next one. The next one wax a friend's body part did we ever get in. That did this. This is one of my favorite ones. This is a camp volusia special so we would have. We had a big rat problem in mice. I guess they didn't have the type of rat traps with the metal bar that would go over and smack down and crush the mouse's head or whatever they just had the sticky ones essentially. I think those are even more mean because it basically starves the mouse to death where they can't move can't drink or anything like that but they're like that so they had this huge sticky pads on it that were made of. Glue Super Glue would take them and put them on each other's chest and use them as like wax strips. I did one on the inside of my thigh once and it took off like the first three or four layers skin. It was just really really bad. That one is when you get real bad is when you wack somebody well. Speaking of mice was a big pastime overseas. Like you're saying like we didn't Waxy Caveat speaking out for us in Afghanistan on the first tour there was nights on that I could feel them crawling over my body as I slept. You could feel that they were they. It was so bad and you can just hear them in the little that tube in the the air came out you could hear them and then you'd feel the mind your anyways so we would come up with unique ways to try and catch them and I was always having my mom shipped those big cheese ball barrels all the time like four of those in a package and so we would create ramps. We leave some cheese balls at the bottom and then we create all sorts of crazy ramps so they climb up fall and then in the morning you'd have like achieved ball barrel with a bunch of mice in it and that's a great Loris cheesy smell. Yep so I'd but we've come up with all sorts of unique ramps and like did you win anything. If you had the most mice very right that was the thing we saved them off and you put them in the different. Whoever's ten had the yes it was it was a thing anyway speaking of cheese balls when I think of food I always think of the army issued honey buns did you guys do. Eating challenges like who can eat something the fastest. Oh definitely yeah. Yeah that was. Josh was good at one marshmallows and nearly I nearly choked him died during the honeyball challenge. I refuse to lose one of my soldiers. I definitely that wasn't safe at all. Honey buns eaten season. You get definitely. It's always like on the field. It's continuous number seven. I got drink a lot. I don't think we have to spend a Lotta time on that. That is what we do. We drink a lot number eight. This is a personal fund game and I kinda got it and we used to do it in the KENNELS and Okinawa. A lot is that you would take a t shirt like a ski shirt or something like that. Get it really wet and put it in a freezer and see who could like straighten it out the fastest. You guys got no no heard of this before in my life on that one. We do next year. Yeah next time on there. We'll have a race for a video to see who could do it. It's tough man. It doesn't seem like it'd be something that's very difficult but think about your fingers constantly touching something that's frozen and trying to pry it apart. You're the ends of your fingers. Start to hurt so bad tee shirts because they're buying leaders. What what's that? I was just saying you lose the dexterity in your fingers once they get too cold trail. They can't operate for sure. T-shirt challenge is what we call that. And finally the reason why this popped into my brain is because I would love to be able to do one fella in believe it was. New Orleans are outside of New Orleans did his name is Bill Pratt and he loves airplanes so much that he spent nine years learning how to put one together. It's called a Spitfire and the Spitfire was one of the warplanes that they use a fighter jet that they use to save Great Britain through the US had entered the war. It was a single seat fighter aircraft. That helped fight off the German air force discouraging Adolf Hitler from.

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ZBT #247: Hurry Up and Wait

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