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Qualifying Agreement - Rajiv RajNATION Nathan



Today's tip comes from Rajiv Nathan otherwise known as Raj Nation. Raj Nation is the founder of startup. Hype man where he helps. Startups not suck at how they pitch and tell their story so they stand out to customers and stand apart from their competitors here. He is with today's tip. Let's talk about qualification. In the pre sale process. One thing that many salespeople are pretty good at is qualifying a pain point. So if you're at least a little bit experience in sales or done enough sales training minimum amount of sales training yourselves than you know that when someone expresses a challenge or an issue or a pain you WanNa do is explore that deeper you WanNa dig a little further to uncover like the root causes of that pain. The root cause of that challenge. And that's how you start to walk them towards a solution when they are able to see the significance or impact of their challenge. One key aspect that most salespeople overlook though is qualifying the agreement typically in a buyer seller interaction. Let's say for example you are demoing your product and you've got a screen share pulled up and you're showing them some features of your software. Let's say they pointing out and they say oh. Wow that's pretty cool that it can do that. Typically the response to that is pretty cool. Yeah thanks for saying that and then moving onto the next thing. This is a fatal error. However this is an opportunity to uncover more most times we hear them agree with something and we just move on. We say Yeah IT IS BRIANNA. We do that or yeah. I'm glad you liked that. We move on. But here's an opportunity to qualify not qualify pain but qualify agreement. If they say that's pretty cool it can do. That's pretty unique. That's interesting a good response is yeah we like to tell me. What about that is interesting to or yeah? That is interesting. How do you see that working for you right? These are ways you can advance the conversation. Don't just qualify a pain point. Qualify the agreement. This will help you draw. Closer towards in ultimate decision will help you better understand. Where are they at in their buying process? Today it's going to help you. Better qualify the overall opportunity which enables better forecasting

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Qualifying Agreement - Rajiv RajNATION Nathan

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