The Samsung Z Flip display mystery has been solved

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This point it's inevitable affordable phone launches and there's going to be controversy. Samsung Tout's Z. Flip as the first phone with bendable glass. But there's been a lot of questions about durability now is managers tear down firm. I fix it took the Z. Flip apart found that yes. There is a tyler glasses display but on top of it is a protective plastic film CON. Defeat the purpose of making it more durable. What's the big deal right people so mad that there's plastic on this so for one? They touted this as the as an industry first glasses play. People want affordable glass because it's more durable less prone to scratching. It's A. It's a lot more durable than your plastic screen. Your stand up plastic screen. So what they did was. They did kind of have a glass display. But it's so thin that it's kind of useless in terms of durability like he can poke holes through it at least that's what I found and then adding plastic layer. That was kind of a cheat because it just sort of again. If you're going to tout the durability of glasses you put a scratch prone classically on top of it yet but who cares about durability unaffordable phone I mean these are just like what like five thousand dollar phone. Why would they need to last a long time? You're spending thirteen hundred plus on one of these phones and you expect a scratch there. That's kind of a bummer. I mean I. I'm also just like if anyone's buying adorable a foldable phone at this point like I if they're expecting it to be durable Maybe watch some of the coverage that we've passed. That's exactly the point is last year we saw with dogs. Fold La folks shaken in terms of their confidence in foldable phones. There was already a lot of questions. About how durable these things. We're going to be whether they stand the test of time and the fold kind of confirmed a lot of people's concerns and now it's happening again right. The razor just had their own issue input a report that their phone broken or the screen had broken with a razor and now we're seeing this with the Z. Flip so it's A. It's not if even if you're if you've got the money in your affluent you want to buy this crazy. Flash approach like device. It like having them actually kind of breakdown of the risk of breaking down be prone to scratches kinda dense. The idea of like having a little fun man. I feel like if you're rich and you can afford these is just like an extra stunt though like if it's like. Oh this broke. I don't care I I'm rich. Rich people are totally cheap so if they spent five thousand dollars a phone thirteen hundred dollars on this budget foldable phone and either scratches or breaks. This baller move. It is definitely a ball. Move

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