Boston: Whitey Bulger Juror Says She Regrets Murder Conviction


Nearly seven years since a federal jury in Boston convicted Whitey Bolger now one juror is full of regrets juror twelve Janet you alarm regrets convicting Bolger on murder convictions because his trial revealed more than just horrible mob crimes the correction revealed with in the Boston US attorney's office with in the FBI and it's what she learned about the C. I. A. post trial about LSD experiments on prisoners back in the fifties it's in the trial itself it wasn't mentioned that Jim Bolger had been experimented on through it was called the M. K. culture projects the CIA was experimenting with LSD and I found that out when I was corresponding with Paul dear what he Bolger rotor seventy letters from behind bars and she wrote back she believes his prison death was a set up she's written letters to senators in Washington calling on them to investigate the department

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