New Orleans Saints agree to terms with QB Winston on one-year contract

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Yahoo Sports is Charles. Charles Robinson reports at Norrland's is finalizing a one year deal with Winston. The former buck coming off a five thousand one hundred nine yards season thirty plus touchdowns three interceptions and immediately eyebrows. Raised the idea that Winston would stay in the division. Go to the Saints. Backup drew brees. He enters the mix with Tatum Hill. Who IS SUPPOSED TO BE? And maybe still is the heir apparent To breeze so it just leads to a lot of unsolved mysteries in its own right greg your thoughts when you heard the news that Winston may be and quite possibly is headed to the saints I I wasn't shocked because I I what I did. This hashtag setup into your own comet with a big way. Why why you made your Greg sounding you often. I got it. I wasn't gonNA say anything but then mark reacted to it and I can't help myself but go ahead. I did this Saints Twitter Pot. Podcast just knew that way wolf as podcasts. Him into my buddy Adam and they were saying they were hearing. This was going to happen before the draft so they got sources on the inside and and they ended up being proven right and it makes all the sense in the world of your Jameis Winston and makes sense of. You're the saints too. I think you get a chance to get Jameis. Winston in the building for a year probably drew brees his last year. We haven't heard any financial terms the Jameis Winston deal you know was reported on before the Taste Hill extension Came out and the money that was involved. That extension came out. Part of me does wonder. Is this deal for absolute sure does did Winston know about that before he he came determines but either way he? He should do the deal. Because if he can somehow impress Sean Payton or if he can end up getting in the lineup and being as backup like Teddy Bridgewater What better place to possibly learn because damis Winstons still has a lot to learn but he also has a lot of talent a guy that throws for five thousand yards can do things in the NFL and like there's no better place to learn. Other than to undo. Breezy and Sean Payton.

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