Coronavirus pandemic intensifies Democrats' vote-by-mail push and ignites longstanding fight over voting rights


Two female Democrats are stepping up to defend Joe Biden following allegations of alleged sexual assault by his former Senate aide terror read read is accusing Biden of pushing her up against a wall and sexually assaulting her when she was his Senate staffer in nineteen ninety three the former vice presidents not yet publicly addressed the matter but buzzfeed news reports in his campaign circulating talking points on how to respond former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams who some say has been publicly lobbying to become by its running mate says that she quote believes all women deserve to be heard in that she believes Joe Biden Abrams appeared to speak from the bind campaigns talking points claiming that the new York times found terror Reid's allegations to be quote not credible but in fact the times investigation made no conclusion either way in a call with reporters yesterday New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand said that she supports and stands by bite and children's comments significant you may remember she was actually first Senate democratic call for former senator al Franken Franken to resign when sexual misconduct allegations were brought against him Frank eventually resigned in January two thousand

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