Oxford scientists say they may have a vaccine ready by September



Morning human testing already begun on the coronavirus vaccine and the folks in charge they could become widely available as early as September that according to Oxford university scientists who say they got a head start on the rest of the world in developing that vaccine because they were able to use technology from previously develop vaccines to formulate one that's effective against the coronavirus personally I have a high degree of confidence about this vaccine because it's technology that I've used before so says Oxford professor's Serra's Gilbert to develop a new vaccine scientists injected the corona virus genetic material into a neutralized the common cold virus the modified virus mimics coded nineteen prompts the immune system to develop antibodies to fight off the antibodies then remain in the system in case the real McCoy comes along so says the good professor so that is great news I mean we've had doctors on the show that say they don't even think about seen as possible they look at sars we had sars first seventeen years no vaccine for that then there are other people that are saying we think maybe twelve to eighteen months before a vaccine if this bears fruit as early as September and with all the talk about how Hey we think it's going to relax a little bit in the summer and then come back more in the fall a September release of vaccine would be absolutely

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