NFL Draft & Post-Spring Top 25 (without spring football)


Why don't we turn our attention? Bruce to the players who will be back in college in. Twenty Twenty On Tuesday I released my spring top. Twenty five a little different this year because usually the reason you put it out the last week. April is that everybody's completed spring practice and we use some of the insights we've gleaned from that to update the rankings. I did the morning after title game. Obviously we did not. So why did you put it out this time? Because people love rankings? Remember the the one up morning after the national title game. We didn't yet know who was going to turn pro. We didn't get there have been head. Coaching changes that happened after that game like Matt Rule Even Baylor certainly lots and lots of coordinator changes. Transfer Portal guys I'm not saying that it drastically altered the lineup by any means. But you know there's you you have more info certainly than you did The morning after the national title game so the hardest team to rank is the one we just talked about a little while ago. Lsu because on the one hand they just had this dominant season and we know their program that recruits well so there's going to be able to reload but on the other hand fourteen guys a lot and To replace fourteen guys that were drafted. Some of those very very high draft picks most notably Joe Borough and generally speaking. I look back at some of the teams that had a huge number like that. Almost always there is a drop off. The next year might not be a severe drop off so the question is okay. I had them number five. I believe The day after the title game I dropped them to eight now. It's not like something bad happened between then and now have some you know. We didn't know who his new coordinator is going to be at that point that didn't really factor into it. I just find it hard to believe you can lose that many guys and come back the next year in win the SEC again. What surprised me a little bit? When I looked I was like wait. You drop them down. They actually like Djibril Cox's it was considered by lot of people as the top Grad transfer linebacker in the country and he ended up going there which is which is interesting to see how fit in going from North Dakota state which obviously wins national titles every year till she was just one one so I was a little surprised at okay. The probably the the one area on their defense. That was a question mark. They showed up from the time. You'd sign there but I don't disagree with you. Having them eight. I mean to me. The biggest loss is going to be jober. I mean he had the greatest quarterback anybody greatest quarterback season anybody's ever had in college football. And you know I know. Miles Brennan has a strong arm. That's about all we know right and so nine Oh yes good receivers Tamar Chase as the best receiver. He would have been the best fever in this draft. He's back but they got to replace basically three. And a half starters on the offensive line and they gotta replace Clyde. That's a lot and so to have them eighth. I don't think that's I don't think that's like eye-popping I was like. I said I was a little surprised that you you drop them Just in time from that but I think that could probably be as much relative. Yeah it wasn't because of anything that it wasn't anything that happens since January in. You're right that was a big pickup In terms of Djibril Cox Just recently that morning that it went up and I'll actually for being honest. I wrote it the day of the game. it's you just get a little distance from that and I mean it could be a very wide range of possibilities probably more than most teams in there. The ceiling in the floor is probably a pretty wide range. They wouldn't be. It wouldn't be shocking to me. If I think they're still gonNA be really good on defense. I think you would agree especially up front on the defensive line. You've got probably the best cornerback in the country extinguisher. You've got to Kobe. Steven's coming back. They should be really good still on defense. It's the Joe Borough factor. It's the offensive line. It's replacing Clyde like those are big questions but if they can answer those questions and maybe they're right back in the playoff and if they can't maybe there number eight maybe they go seven and five like there's such a wide range of possibilities with them. The thing that probably surprised me the most about your updated one was really jumped Texas. A&m High move them up seven spots. So what changed? Or what sunk into you that made you feel like I'm I'm going all in on the aggies pretty much well for one thing. I'm a big believer in bill. Connolly's rankings as you know and sometimes we default to Okay they were. They had this record last year and they returned this many stars. Therefore I'm GonNa slot them here but obviously there's more to the story in terms of how much talent do they have? And I think an last year might have had a much different record if they didn't have to play Alabama Clemson and Georgia which is just an insane insane schedule. Their record reflected Bills PRESEASON SP plus rankings. Texas is tenth I don't have them quite that high. Obviously

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