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Why Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks he's the one to beat Donald Trump


Mir p footage welcome back to the podcast extra. Haven't been good to be back all right. Let's jump right on in a row. Is it too late to stop? Senator Bernie Sanders. No but it will be if we don't get our act together. Look we have a very clear choice as a party. Right now We can take his approach and I recognize that he speaks for a lot of ideal ideals that we share but it's also an approach that is about consolidating a base and pushing away. People disagree you at a moment when I think we have to be doing the opposite now. We're only three states in We're on the eve of the South Carolina primary then come Super Tuesday but we could wake up after Super Tuesday with no going back and I think it's time to really ask ourselves how we're GONNA move forward I'm with US. You said It will be if we don't get our act together. What does that mean? What does that look like? Get Our act together. Of course what I think that should look like is to rally around a candidate. Perhaps the one candidate to have actually beaten Bernie Sanders anywhere in the country cycle which Which is my campaign and a look at a vision that can make room for everybody. That is very progressive and set up in a way that that can actually reach out to independence and android some Republicans over the line to because I think that's how we're going to win in November So that's the case that I'm continuing to make that we cannot Expect to succeed against the president this divisive if we're sewing a different kind of division from our own side there's a better way and our campaign shows the promise of making that happen and you mentioned divisive and and Senator Sanders sent out a tweet. That caught a lot of people by surprise. Were wondering if it was a lot and not him but he really did send out a tweet that said. I've Got News Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic Establishment. They can't stop us. How how would give me a reaction to that? Well I think it reflects a worldview where the Democratic Party is the problem. And that's not how I see things I've I've never automatically felt like part of any establishment obviously Competing as I am as a as a mayor from South Bend Indiana and not exactly waiting my turn but to to say that the big problem in America right now is Democrats. I think Mrs what's going on what's going on right now. Is We've got a president who succeeded with a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and a sense that our party has not been able to connect with a lot of people who would benefit from our policies who are certainly capable of voting for us. Think of all the people who voted for President Obama Just a few years ago and then turned around and voted for president trump. We can't let that happen again and part of why. I was very excited. About how competitive we were in the Iowa counties for example the digits that they voted for President Obama sometimes twice and then swung over to president. Trump is that we don't have to have a repeat of two thousand sixteen in fact the less twenty twenty resembles two thousand sixteen in all respects. The better does it offend you. That a person who is a member of the Democratic Party continues to thunder against the people? He'll need to win the nomination and to govern if he were to win in November. Well let me say this. Ultimately we need to unite the country and uniting. The country begins with uniting the Democratic Party. If you think the Democratic Party is the problem or even sometimes engage in rhetoric that makes it sound like Democratic Party is the enemy while competing for the Democratic nomination. That is going to make it very challenging to actually bring folks together in the speed that we need to in order to compete in order to win. What do you say to his supporters if you are the nominee and he isn't because it is no secret that the supporters have Bernie Sanders so-called Bernie Bros? I've been a victim of them. Lots of journalists have lots of politicians have lots of regular everyday people have been What's the word the kids are using a third over? That's a new. Oh yeah saying saying remotely negative things about Bernie Sanders. What do you say to them? Well I'd say you have a decision to make if this is about personality. That's one thing but if this is about policy if this is about Raising wages for workers if this is about ensuring the corporations are held accountable. This is about doing something on climate before it's too late. I will be the most progressive president in our lifetimes. It's true that I believe that some of the proposals that come from Senator Sanders go too far and and are not going to be a past anyway but Just to be very clear I am running to be a I think also would be the most progressive nominee. We've had in recent memory so if this is really about the change you want to see in the world and not how much you you feel attracted to the personality of one or another candidate. Then I'm offering just that and I'm offering it in a way that I think could actually unite an American majority. That actually is with us on these things you you'd never realize from certainly from looking at the Senate or even from looking at some of the coverage is it. There is a powerful American majority right now then agrees for example that the public sector should step up and fix the healthcare problem. Just as long as we don't force it on too many people that agrees that minimum wages have to go. We gotta do something about gun violence. We've got to create a pathway to citizenship. When it comes to immigration we got to act on climate This is an American majority. Let's let's galvanize it not blow it up. That sounds great. But what is your. What is your path after Super Tuesday and I focused on Super Tuesday because we go in rapid succession from South Carolina to Super Tuesday on three days. What is Your Path? Well we need to have a good showing in certainly on Super Tuesday and I think that we will We just We're in Virginia. Yesterday had I don't know the final crowd count but it was the better part of ten thousand. People are out there with amazing energy Same thing when we were in Colorado on our way out after the the caucuses in Nevada and we're going to work to compete in in every one of those Super Tuesday states. Look the reality is. There's no quick way to win But we believe State by state election by-election a we can piece together what we need Provided that I can do the job of Of gathering the support of those who are skeptical about Senator Sanders approach and looking for a better way. Go back to the basically the beginning of this conversation where I ask you about If we don't get our act together and of course it's all you think it's about coalescing around you. But there are a lot of people who are saying all. The centrist so-called centrists in the campaign are taking votes away from each other in allowing Senator Sanders to run away with it What would happen or how does that happen if you are? Senator Coburn Senator Warren. Don't get out of the race. I mean at some point after Super Tuesday. There's going to be a clamour in the within the party. How do you make the case to the party? That you shouldn't be the one below drop I would say that. So so if folks are looking for an alternative to Bernie Sanders and believe that there needs to be fewer alternatives in order for anyone to make it. Why would you look to the one person who's actually beaten him anywhere in the cycle as the one that you would ask to step aside You know we. We have been able to Defy all of the pundits expectations we have been able to compete Especially in again those areas that we're going to need in order to defeat. Donald trump that vote democratic usually but haven't lately and we've got a track record of ahead of a lot of the other people who are going to be Looking at Looking to their left and looking to their rights. And you're GonNa make room for me at the end of the day Voters are going to settle this.

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Why Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks he's the one to beat Donald Trump

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