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I have to confess. I was telling today's guests that I had not heard of him. Although we have mutual friends until one of his blog posts popped across. I believe my facebook feed and I realized that this is somebody who really fits in with one of our main goals is to break down those knowledge. Siles silos or with Dr Benjamin Stevens. He's a chiropractor in. Canada is a educator and the reason that I was really interested to have him on his he wrote a blog. Post called dear therapist. You're not a strength coach or personal trainer so Dr Stevens. Thank you for taking time to talk for moving to live. You're very welcome. I'm really looking forward to this. My first question I always ask people on moving to live because everybody likes to put labels on things and we know in the age of Social Media. Everybody puts on a front. You see somebody in an elevator. And you're wearing a t shirt from your clinic or you're clearly somebody who's in the medical field and they say. Hey what do you do? What's your elevator? Spiel you explain to people. This is what Dr Stevens does usually cy. I entirely can aside my hands over my eyes. Look Tired House long answer. But for the most part I usually just answer sports heartbreaker in a lot of time. That's kind of a cop out answer but Sometimes I'll say I ideally concussions. Sometimes I'll stay I'm a professional educator. I actually I make more of my living in spend more time educating than than anything else right now And sometimes I say I run a couple of businesses so kind of depends the company that But most time Most of the time I decide because I'm literally always I'm always doing about five different things all very much related but I'm always doing different things So it's as you've probably figured out not a lot of time and I know that's something the five different things we're going to get into a little later. I'm always interested when I interview people for moving to live if you're in a movement profession and I would put sport Chiropractic in a movement profession. Were you an active kid and if you were an active kid was because mom and Dad said get the heck out of the house and don't come back. Were you a kid who is an athlete all along at some point? You realize you know. I might not be able to make my living as an athlete. But I'd really like to do something that allows me to be around people that move. Yeah I think I'm I'm of that era where it's you you. You don't bother your parents by hanging around the house in hoping for something to do because they'll get annoyed with you kick you out tell you to essentially come back whenever it gets dark right or comeback. When it suffered time right so I I did. What a lot of kids. I grew up playing with a lot of the neighborhood kids I played pretty well every single sport. that I could get my hands on on the entirely honest I always I tended to not stay with many sports for very long in a lot of that was For me I really enjoyed movements But I was very self paced person and was very noncompetitive. And so you know at this age I can realize a lot of it was kind of a big artistic streak in me on and I really appreciate it. A lot of movement disciplines that allowed for rather than having highly stringent rules in highly competitive Matter of Italian board I really appreciate it. Things Ettelaat more expression to them and so even even the sports that I did plan. I always found myself wanting to play the position. That was either extremely important or you have freedom of decision-making so the goalie in hockey or soccer in some way shape or form you know. I try to try and play point guard in basketball all these different things where I kinda got to not run the show but in some way making decisions on the fly because I didn't really enjoy running back and forth on a field for the running back and forth out of fuel but chase a ball so I ended up playing pretty every single sport of Ice Hockey Goalie for twenty years started. Snowboarding got into different kinds of dance and Essentially tried everything else in the meantime Olympic lifting. Powerlifting competed in bodybuilding kettlebells WanNa do for a long time And I'm a I'm a chronic dabbler in every movement discipline and usually I'll just look at something that looks like a lot of fun and figure out a way to try it and sometimes it's six sometimes it stays for years sometimes for days. Yeah creative lifestyle. It's not really something. I have a specific discipline that I that I view as the better discipline. I just I kinda WanNa try them all wanted experience them all and I'll put one that you can add on your bucket list for my local. Fit pittsburgh-based podcast. I interviewed a place that does High Level Pugo sticking and I actually now have an air airfield pogo stick which is absolutely if you ever had a pogo stick as a kid. It is the most fun thing the world record for the high jump in the Pugo stick is ten feet where you have to. You can step off something but when you go over the bar you have to bounce three times. I have no desire to do that. Bouncing around is just that novel or new moving activity so check out X. Pogo chancer or check out. Some of their videos. Because you look at it and go well that might be in business for me or wow. That looks like a lot of fun and I can see how I might want to add that into my life. Yep there's there's a unique aspects of bouncing that's really might have a four year old daughter and she goes the gymnastics and unfortunately they recently changed the rules around this six months ago. Took her to gymnastics at a drop in all the other parents sitting in the corner on the phone and then roaming around like jumping from trampoline the trampoline fifty feet in the air and a lot of. That's just because I did a lot of stuff as a kid you know. I used to being in the air and it was just so funny. I completely forgot all the kids were there and bouncing around for five minutes like heart rates through the roof the love bouncing just flopping on my back in front slips and backflips all these different things on. I'm at an age probably shouldn't be doing that but I get done like a sit down. I look up and like all. The kids have stopped doing gymnastics. And they're just like what's old guy but there's something unique about dancing up and down that Michigan Giddy like a little kid exactly and I'm always curious when I interview people. I've got the advantage of being able to read the form. You filled out prior and check out your webpage. You go to college. I believe majored in biology. How did you decide to major in biology? So the funny thing is I started in biology and I really didn't like it So I worked. I'd been working various jobs in some nine. I started with a paper route and so ended up saving enough money to go to pay for at least my first year university on my own and so kind of like I have the money. I don't really know what exactly what I WANNA do. So I went and started kind of a just general bachelors of science in Biology. Not Knowing where it was going to go and I absolutely hated it mostly because it was. I like the freedom of university compared to high school beard kind of having a job but I mean I was studying flat worms in Geology. And you know social history and just this kind of broad scatter plot of staff which I understand is important for certain things Did that for twelve years. Studied a little bit of everything for twelve years like this is just not fund is doing more of the same so I quit. After my first year I came out to British Columbia in western Canada's SNOWBOARD PUN for year. And then I went back and started a theology degree or something Human Kinetics degree and love every second of it and essentially it. Just kinda a lightbulb moment really hit this is what I. This is what I want to be studying. This is how i WanNa be thinking where I want my brain to spend all its time from now on when school was really easy after that into it's amazing. I had a similar path when I took general education classes my first year. My GPA wasn't very good at no. When I got into athletic training classes all of a sudden it's like Oh this is interesting. It really doesn't seem like work when you have something that you're interested. Yeah Yeah it's funny because I was so we ended up in the last semester of my wife was with me and ended up last semester in school with almost no courses because I literally had taken like seven or eight courses a semester during my entire Undergrad started switched to kings. Y'All AJI and most people are just like trying to figure out what they can get away with that I was literally trying to overload my schedule going like we haven't advanced exercise physiology court. How could I not take right light? It's like this is amazing inside. Take absolutely everything to the point. Where in my last mess courses soda almost essentially ended the whole thing really excited right whereas prior to that it was kind of just like you said it was like an ominous through is like study for this. I found myself. You know reading ahead chapters in anatomy classes geology classes in stopping. I think it's a good sign. You know when you get to that point and I think it's something there's some people who are just hardwired that way. They just have that innate curiosity whatever they learn there's like other there must be something more to learn. Yeah Yeah I think I think honestly a lot of people have built in And the people that don't think they have a built in. They probably just haven't found the same yet. That's all

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