Is the U.S. ready for a severe coronavirus outbreak?


Nine a scientist they can't tell yet how deadly the virus that's spreading around the globe really is and depending on well deepening the mystery the fertility rate different differs even in China as infections of the virus that causes call that nineteen to surge in other countries even a local county right can be a lot of victims now in understanding why one place fares better than any other place well becomes critical to unravel you may have heard what president trump said from India Tuesday you may ask about the corona virus which is very well under control in our country and what the centers for disease control and prevention's Dr Nancy Meissonier said we expect we will see some unity spread in this country not so much a question of if this will happen anymore the more a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness and even later during a health and Human Services briefing the CDC's Dr and shook it even though the World Health Organization is in calling for one said current global circumstances suggest it's likely that this virus will cause a pandemic and we're told we should be prepared for the possibility of a disruption to our lives because of coronavirus what that may look like is unclear as is if a disruption will happen at all the doctor missing a says the idea is to be ready prepare for school options include dividing students into smaller groups or in a severe pandemic closing schools and using internet based telescope to continue education dole businesses can replace in person meetings with TV or telephone conferences and increased teleworking options a larger scale communities in cities may need to modify postal cancel mass gathering in not that this is what we should do now but just be prepared meaning that schools businesses communities should put mechanisms in place now so if they are needed can be transitioned into smoothly and meaning for individuals also put whatever mechanisms needed in place that would help with these possible disruptions the best thing to do however as doctor and shook it reminds us the easy common sense things covering your cough or sneeze staying home when you're sick are are very important and of course the evergreen wash your hands and by the way the effective length of time for hand washing is at least fifteen seconds but wash them

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