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Chris Hayes: Trump is worried coronavirus will be bad for his re-election - burst 03


Not even get to. What is happening internationally earlier today? The guy in charge of limiting the spread of corona virus in Iran. The deputy health minister announced he was among the new patients. Infected by the virus learned of his diagnosis after this press conference where he looked visibly ill and was wiping his brow and coughing also today senior member of the International Olympic Committee told the Associated Press if the gains games cannot be held in Tokyo quote. You're probably looking at a cancellation. It's worth noting. The Olympics have never been cancel outside of a World War Wall Street as I mentioned the Dow closed nearly nine hundred points lower following a thousand points lie the day before the selloff wiped out one point seven trillion dollars of US stock market value. And just two days and that is what matters most to donald trump thousands people die and as a pandemic threatens to spread across the world and this country. There is one thing that is clear from the ministrations response. They are worried about how the global pandemic will help or hurt. Donald Trump's reelection chances juror back in two thousand fourteen wins citizen. Donald Trump was hoping to bring down President Barack Obama. He was absolutely banging on about Ebola because he thought that would for

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