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US has more known cases of coronavirus than any other country


United States now with the most coronavirus cases of any nation in the world and the most in the country are in New York governor Andrew Cuomo minutes ago from new York's Javits convention center which is being converted into an emergency hospital president trump is approved for field hospitals Cuomo requesting for more for the New York City area in order to slow the spread flatten the curve in the mean time increase the hospital capacity so whatever that surge is that you have you actually have the capacity to deal with it the case is starting to spike outside of New York this is Jim Ryan far from slowing down the coronavirus caseload in Louisiana is only accelerating although we've been running what we think is a sprint for the last two and half weeks this is going to be a marathon Dr Julio Figueroa is the division director of infectious diseases at Louisiana State University health he says that if his state follows the pattern of China or Italy this is not something that's going to go away right away Jim Ryan

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