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And there was no decision at all our state had been battered by sandy we lost three hundred sixty five thousand homes in twenty four hours two thirds of the state was without power we had no operational water treatment or wastewater treatment plants in the entire state I mean we were devastated highways blocked no gasoline it was an awful awful time for state and I made the decision right away politics goes to the side and so I met president Obama Atlantic city International Airport down in Atlantic city New Jersey he got a fair force one I shook his hand and real ugly partisans call that quote a hug the Obama hug you may have heard about it that we never hooked home we shook hands like civilized people do really civilized people used to before a crowd of ours that we touch elbows or something like that but before that we used to shake hands then I would shake hands with the president again if it meant giving the aid and relief that we needed to be able to rebuild our state and rebuild the lives of our citizens and I think that I suspect the governor Cuomo feels exactly the same way now he doesn't agree with Donald Trump president trump on much but he knows that together is the only way that we're gonna get through this crisis together and I commend the president as well because the president has worked really hard really hard to work with governor Cuomo to work with governor Gavin Newsom