Shedding Light on the Moon

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The moon power generation from sunlight can be very difficult. A lunar night is equivalent to fourteen days on earth. But a new NASA technology could shed some light on the problem. This is innovation now bringing you. Stories of revolutionary ideas emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that shape the future when we send astronauts to the moon or for long stays. We're going to need a new class of power. Here's Dr Dionne Hernandez Lugo Project Manager for Asses Killa Power. Kill-power is a nuclear technology being developed here at NASA in collaboration with the Department of Energy Los Alamos National Lab and it's efficient system. We kill our gifts. You is that a higher power or higher energy to be able to power systems or instruments. You need at least ten kilowatt per astronaut. So if we're going to have astronauts living in space in the moon or Mars kill-power will give you that technology and the power needed in order for action. Us to be able to live in space. Experiments have demonstrated that the system is both stable and safe making killa power. A game changer. For long duration missions for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer.

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