Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Official Says Some Areas Will Have to Wait for Medical Supplies; National and Global Tolls Rise


The number of coronavirus infections in the U. S. continues to rise Johns Hopkins University reports more than twenty seven thousand some three thousand more than yesterday as hospitals across the country continue to report shortages of supplies and equipment Dr Anthony Fauci of the White House coronavirus task force says ventilators face masks and other equipment will first be delivered to New York Washington state and California the most hard hit states he has not offered a timeline in the meantime NPR's Joel rose reports the four top leaders in Congress are meeting with treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to hammer out the details of a third coronavirus responsible treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin says the trump administration hopes to finalize an emergency coronavirus relief bill on Sunday said that the Senate can vote on it Monday this situation is moving quickly we need to get the money into the economy now if we do that we think we can stabilize the economy speaking on fox news Sunday Mnuchin said the relief bill under negotiation would include a one time payment of three thousand dollars for a family of four and allow the federal reserve to leverage up to four trillion dollars of liquidity to support the nation's economy when asked if the US is in a recession Mnuchin downplayed the question as not quote terribly relevant he predicted the economy would bounce back quickly once the medical situation is under

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