How to enhance your immunity


I've had four weeks of this Discussions Kobe nineteen and I was actually thinking of not going on the air today because everything I said is coming true and everything. I said in the first episode about strengthening strengthening. Your immune system is really what we have to do. That is our line of defense. I said four weeks ago and it's true today. It's going to be better than a vaccine. It's GonNa give us the ability to fight off the virus and if we do get it to make it less severe so what what. Where should we start there? I think number one. We have to realize that What we're being told is really good advice. Isolation distancing handwashing. They're all effective ways to avoid exposure to this virus and they are absolutely absolutely crucial to avoid a catastrophic overwhelming of our healthcare system. But there is this second powerful tool and that's strengthening our immune and body repair systems. Because if we do what the CDC tells us About distancing and washing we will The combination of the two increasing our immune system will buy ourselves some time until more is known about this virus and and how to treat it so are a strong. Immune system makes this virus and other infections milder in briefer it'll reduce the risk of these fatal monies that people have and and and these are currying in the older people ever average age of seventy eight point five years of age. Maybe we can create virtual ventilator. Maybe our illnesses will be milder and briefer. So we're going to be on an immunity mission today. You're not gonNA hear a lot about that from the CDC who world health or was Asian. You're not going to see it in the paper but it's really important really important to keep our immunity. We've had her immunity for thousands of years before the pharmaceutical companies came along. We we we lost people. Don't get me wrong. But the ones that survived with because they had a strong immune system. I was surprised to see the New York. Times actually came out with an article stating the eight immune boosting methods. They said Sleep Com. Yeah they said about meditation. Nutrition exercise reducing alcohol. Hydration are all vital to your health. Immunity what you eat drink breathe doing feel eat drink free. Do and feel all important to your immunity. Not Going to see a lot of articles about the vitamin D vitamin C. They WanNa say a myth. We'll talk more about that. You're not gonNA say anything about Colorado silver. We will talk more about that. So Ladies and gentlemen let me look at my list here and Gosh you know and don't forget to tell you. Please avoid ibuprofen. You think you have the flu or this. Cove virus. It is really badly. There are so many articles from especially France. Who has really dealt with this as showing that this guy be proven Can can make the covert virus deadly. Okay so I told you about that a month ago to I told you. Because that and the ace inhibitors bloodpressure tells if you take a lot of them and get the vitamin and get the virus. You could risk the death remember. I told you about low tension capoten phase attack Mono Perl. Okay they are ace two inhibitors and these. These articles were in the Lances Journal. The British medical journal Nature The Daily Mail. But you're not seeing a lot about it or you see people being Not Nonchalant about it but I tell you what and says and this virus or deadly. Okay so let me get that off the table before we move forward okay. So let's just talk a little bit about the history of goydos silver because I know I got a lot. Of flack on the show. I did with the feel safer about silver but you know what ladies and Gentlemen Two thousand three hundred years ago. Twenty Three Hundred Years Ago Alexander. The great surveying his battlefield. And guess what he was drinking water from Silver Urns. Why because he knew nothing about bacteria but he knew that silver containers had a seemingly miraculous way of keeping water fresh. That's been used for thousands of years where it's health benefits well. The people in the Middle Ages gave their children silver spoons to suck upon. Why because they knew it would prevent illnesses. It's legendary remember silver. Dagger was all night needed to vanquish evil and a lot of the history is falsified at one time. Silver was used by most healthcare practitioners as an antibiotic at an antiviral. Nothing worked better those days but the FDA started crusade against Silver Thirties nineteen thirties. Because it could not be patented and now. The pharmaceutical companies started making antibiotics in the vaccine industry partners. They WANNA be able to sell their stuff. You know. The Food and Drug Administration used to be called the bureau of Chemistry and it's real mission started out to protect the chemical industry

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