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From this epidemic as emergencies develop it's not always easy to determine the severity of that emergency this is not to criticize the reaction by the Obama administration to the swine flu epidemic became apparent the coronavirus originate from the Chinese problems of hot on January thirty first president trump ordered a restriction on travel from China reactions to the president's proclamation can best be exhibited by Joe Biden's comments that quote this is no time for Donald trump's record of historians in a phobia hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science end of quote after trying to impose travel restrictions on European countries on March eleventh and once again slammed the president saying restrictions might slow the virus but it won't stop it it wasn't long after the president's actions that many European countries as well as Canada and Mexico began to close their borders the president's actions seem to have been for Saiful the president's actions were not rapid enough for Nancy Pelosi in spite of a need for the nation to come together as one to fight this viral enemy she appeared on CNN with Jake tapper and enter into multiple snarky way said quote his denial of the beginning was to every end of quote she went on to claim that the president's doing nothing at this point to address the problem republication was that the president's current non action is costing lives her words quote as the president said those people are dying and of quote this comes after the president sought to work with Congress the house and the Senate Democrats and Republicans to get legislation passed that addressed the health aspects of this crisis as well as a financial relief component Nancy Pelosi single handedly stepped in to stop them progress in order to insert spending on issues that have nothing to do with the medical or financial impact of the epidemic the reflective talking points per which by the far left those issues including tax credits for solar and wind energy limits on ice and border patrol more money for the corporation for public broadcasting and much more what is the case is that the Obama administration set up the White House National Security Council director for global health security and biodefense the purpose was to prepare for future pandemics and while the trump administration did dismantle that particular department it's been suggested by former national security adviser John Bolton the global health remains a top national security council priority bold suggested it was the SC's attention to global health the main so effective in handling the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen Africa a bold crisis with respectable is believed that the NSC is capable of dealing with a health epidemic perhaps it's time that consideration should be given to either re instituting a White House health director or a cabinet position that is created but in the meantime it doesn't help the situation by claiming the president since I only buy while watching people die those attacks are not helpful in fact they work against the effort to fight this epidemic I'm Alan stock keep on thinking free join Allen tomorrow morning for Vegas today the latest news opinion and commentary to get your day started here on K. X. and see if there is a golden retriever in Colorado helping out its neighbor during the coronavirus crisis winning Hellman has been self quarantining or Manitou springs over the past two weeks she relies on oxygen to breathe making her more successful the coronavirus Saudi retriever picks up a grocery list and brings it to its owner Karen she then buy supplies and has sunny deliver them too she does not have to be exposed to people who could carry the virus she says she's grateful for the groceries and looks forward to.

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A new story from Dave Ramsey

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