Gordon Elliott's charge finished second behind Easysland


Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Challenge. Cup goes the way of that Man Gordon Ilias and Davy Russell Chosen Mate with Gordon finishing second with eclair. Fhu and then we had a massive raise for Joseph. O'brien he said that this has been the plan on the podcast that they were hoping for better performance and boy did they get it and well-backed as well thirty. Three's Joseph said that on the show after a handicap special. He was cut to twenty s and he was the chosen really. Well backed Jess but they were steaming into into from eleven tens on the day he was a bigger price earlier than sixteen beforehand. This money but chosen mate was well back to really the market phoned the right horses. All MOANING CHOSEN. Mayton us in them. Were horses that that that the other everyone tracking they were getting a lot a lot of attention. I know that in the morning you could have got nine to one. Third Chosen May and by the time the races off he was just just below five to one us and then was just below ten to one himself and another exceptional handicap performance for Gordon Elliott chosen. May He looks absolutely get up for this race. It was again another one that had been running incredibly well behind voices and this was a very very good victory. I think granite eighteen. Who BEEN LONGTIME ANTI POST FAVOURITE FOR PAUL? Nicholls wasn't quite. I don't know again. It was a bad day for political team. None of his horses really Brown. Well this on the best of all of them but they they kind of changed his tactics a bit and he was rather little bit more is positioned up with the pace more than and being being held up and he was always going well but it wasn't going to be the him but again. The Irish is showing dominance in handicaps and a brilliant victory for I think it was a I think. A big syndicate chose mate was at the northern racing partnership and and Yeah tallied upper a great great wheat for Gordon Elliott. Who the day on the morning. I think he had six wins and he was on six wins six seconds and three thirds and Willie Marlins was on three wins. Five seconds and five thirds somehow managed. Lose where he was one point six to be talked trainer. I don't know but amazing. Really really mullins cheers and better. Yeah another another top. Handicap spoke ordinary. I'll tell you how he lost seekers. Great White Shark third bosses. Oscar was unlucky not to get closer. But I'm delighted finish fifth because that went plays mony and he would've got it had it not been for parole qualifier horrible full. Oh Gordon but dramatic stuff and I do remember. It was like old school tv where Nick is handed a piece of paper. It was like something from watching like old school. Reruns of nineteen seventeen news broadcasts. Thanks thanks very much with that update because they were locked together as you said it was. It was amazing why Bez was held up in the rear great field. I have no idea because that doesn't suit him at all. But Hey Sean Joe is trying something different. Jodi mcgarvy keeping the ride Gordon wins again. Jane another huge success for for him. Presumably the approach from the British handicapper. Next year will be every Gordon handicapper. It goes up twenty pounds brilliant right by Davy Russell I had cut their scars in my selections and I wasn't all not comfortable watching the race. I was wondering were we going is as good as Davies. Body language suggested we were and he made couple of mistakes on the mound never panicked he ultimately put me at ease watching him I always once know you have debut Rossler Barry or you know Richard Johnson on your soy. Been you're instantly. Put at ease and no offense to Shana Keith or JJ seven but been of growing up watching the on the big day and he sold rarely gets it wrong. And this was a tactic. Good Brilliance from him I think most Ryan is part of the syndicate and they got great satisfaction from day. Celebrations would have been huge. I'd say the government the closing down and as a great seal being held up. Aki Job better than he usually does so. He didn't travel with fluency that he has done. When he raises from the front put he jumped a lot better than he can Paloma blue biggest parliament for me. I am not making any more excuses for the horse I think he has an implement ability but he wins someday and I won't be on Off and then it of bridesmaid isn't he? He's run second to their Eastbourne couple times in grade ones and now he's been third at Jutland hearings massive race again. Joseph O'Brien but ultimately that is David Ostlund chosen may stolen show horses connections and he's giving them some great days but you're right he's a bridesmaid. And Hey look we did. All right we did find in terms of our handicaps. I'll happily take place. Thank you very much on a bonkers week and the bunkers week would end with a twenty five so one Wynonna First Cheltenham Festival. Success for Paul Weber. Would Philip Hobbs. Who's we could have been saved and a brilliant ride from Ben Jones. As well ultimately a short head stops them from getting a victory in behind on mcinerney giving. Willie mullins great white shark a fantastic ride And Gordon Elliott's the bosses Oscar running a stormer. I thought I stayed on really really strongly in the Martin.

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