Activist and YouTuber Chella Man



Going to talk to someone who sort of like lives their life in front of an online community. Chela man is a model and actor an activist for the deaf community and the chance community and also just a hugely popular Youtube Vlogger. Yeah his channel has two hundred and fifty thousand youtube subscribers and I think the thing that we both love about his videos is that they're so like personal and honest. He share stories about everything from his relationship to his transition to like everyday stuff from his life. Yeah he just so much in like I just have to mention. He's only twenty one years twenty one. Yeah Yeah I have to say. We definitely like gave him a hard time about how he's done so much at such a young age. I get that a lot. Yeah why why is it? Just feels like you've done so many things like you're doing art you're like acting. Um Ah in the only move to New York like three years ago. Yes Yum until it you grew up in Pennsylvania right I did sadly well can ask what was it like Krupp there. Oh well it was tough. It was a small town in the middle of nowhere basically like very white suburbia Trump land right before the election trump actually came highschool to speak which. I was there for as a junior in high school outside protesting all day. Obviously wow it was really hard you know the culture was. I watched all these kids that I grew up with walked past me on not look at me outside and just walk into the building support him. What was that day like? There's just a lot of emotions most of all. I just felt so fjord from whether that was like fueled by sadness. If fueled by anger I will just go back to that day a member. Why need to do what I do? One of your Youtube Videos. That became hugely popular for you early on. Was You documenting your experience on testosterone. My name is Charles Man and my voice one day on T. Hi My name is Charles. And this is my voice. One Week on. Either name is a man and dismay boys twenty-six to my name is Charles And this is my one year to. How do you think about telling your story online and like how did you begin that process? Honestly I began that process like any other teenager just now and then sharing snippets of getting caught fear etc but after a while I wanted to document transition because I found other trans people online and because of them I was able to make certain connections within my own identity and he wanted to be that for people especially deaf inquiry people of Color. Social media is my way of being able to say what I wanted to say. Cemented in

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