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Just keeping people engaged Try and keep your mind engage. We hope people still try and get that workout in at home. Try and eat healthy even though you might WanNa go to the comfort food. And that's why Debbie is here to tell you no don't go for that can't go for the fruits and vegetables But also how to prepare this stuff. So let's jump into it here. In general what do we need to keep in mind regarding just food and illness in general and maybe specifically with this cove in nineteen virus Well there are thinking about your food that they're way more health benefits than there are possible. Risks Associated with consuming. What's available in the stores now? If you think of good helpful quality food that can keep your immune system running optimally because it gives you you know proteins vitamins minerals probiotics by chemicals and those bolster a good defense to infection. I mean specifically you need to try and get vitamins. A the bullet acid. That's B. Vitamin PLUS THE MINERALS IRON SELENIUM ZINC. They're all involved in maintaining a robust commune system. I'd say supplements are a little bit different because I want to focus on food But right now there is kind of this big. You might see some things across the Internet promoting anything to treat or prevent The current cove in nineteen virus. The council for responsible nutrition just as Avoid those because they're they're just not and report him to the FBI. Their money grabs right. Just Yeah Yeah. Yeah absolutely right. Yeah well okay. So That's interesting. So what kind of mostly focused on gets the foods But I with the foods. What kind of foods are going to get you those vitamins? Well anything that you can get fresh produce right now is is wonderful if you look at So dark green leafy you're citrus for vitamin C. You've got your Iron from red meat and dried beans dried fruit Selenium Zinc those are mineral if you can also get from whole grains legumes Vitamin The little tougher There are some mushrooms if they've been exposed to You'd be light and Vitamin E. Get FROM NUTS OF VITAMIN? A precursor Beta carotene. You can get from orange prison and vegetables like butternut squash apricot. Oh of so things that are. Orange are the color orange not just oranges. Literally the that is the root word of if you think of Karachi annoyed and so carol carrot or have the same car you know so. Corrupt Noise are Beta Carotene. And that's great. I love that you mentioned legumes again. I think it's my favorite word and being it's a bean right to type of being Likud. Yeah good also umbrella peanut because technically yeah. I know I call them too. But they're technically elegant though nearly oh very interesting all right that that's an interesting little fun. Fact okay. So yeah so great. Okay so that's kind of where you can get some of those vitamins that you're looking for now and you know we are just talking before we went on the show that it's actually surprising in southern California. There's actually a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available like in the Gore stores. I was really surprised. I mean every shelf has cleaned out especially frozen food. But there's I found blueberries blackberries. Think you found you said you found some strawberries and bananas at the store. So it's very possible to get fresh fruit right now. If you go and items that were left you have to get a little creative. Maybe there's a Kohlrabi what do I do with that or you know like okay. There's been turnip but I'm going to basically learn what these are this point. Now it'd be like okay. I guess turn up. I'm going to find out if I like it Okay here's something that's big. I think people might be wondering as well. That may be eat a lot. Should they stop eating out at this point as far? I just WANNA say as far so to today happens to be the day that record and it's march eighteenth so other yesterday the Centers for Disease Control that there is currently no evidence to support transmission of the curve in nineteen virus associated with booth and A. Usda is not aware of any report of any illnesses about food or food packaging so Keeping that in mind that it's not spread through food so restaurants Grocery Deli counters delivery services. There's still taking measures to prevent any kind of Possible If they had a you know an ill Food Service Food Service worker and limiting contact between them and any food being prepared and an consumer like. They always do okay. They always had those kinds of systems in place. I would say that that right now. You Know I. It was a week ago. My kids wanted to go to a very well known buffet style restaurant and I passed that right now but and and those have shut down temporarily and many of my area restaurants there providing mobile ordering and certified pickup service so that contact is limited. And I think that's really good but what people may not be aware of. Is that in the food service industry. In restaurants. There are strict health codes and regulations that restaurants. Follow all the time like and that you might see in the window down the win a right. So they're yeah. They're always trying to address all right now. And that's interesting that there's like the curbside delivery and or or just delivery general and. I think that's kind of important even for how you know. Our economy like to keep some of these smaller food restaurants in business. Like if you do WANNA eat out. Patronize those people and do the curbside delivery. You don't have to go in and in many cases you can't go in now but this is obviously going to affect our economy with a lot of people Being out of work for a while. Anyway you can support. Don't Cook at home so you know. That's a reasonable option as of now as of today At least you know Information I get like from Harvard Health. That says That it's really really unlikely. And the exception to the role Than would be spread through food but it's also wise to discomfiture. Maybe having hot food so things that can be killed rather than going for uncooked food like salad sandwiches right now right. Yeah that makes sense that makes sense now. Is there when it comes to you? Know maybe going grocery shopping is canned food or frozen food safer than fresh right now. Would you say I wouldn't think so? Currently there's like I said there's no evidence of food or packaging being associated with transmission. Oh the the other. I'm GONNA say the other term for this Viruses the stars Kobe. To so in case I I mentioned that instead of my nose. Cova nineteen virus. But that's just another name for it anyway If it can survive on surfaces and objects like other viruses have. I mean every time you come home from the grocery store I always wipe down the top of you know my canned goods. There's Dutton stuff anyway and I wash all my fruits and vegetables. You WanNa do that anyway. It was just. It was just last week that the or this past week that the National Institute of Health Shared Research. The virus can laugh a twenty four hours on cardboard and like two or three days on plastic and seamless steel. So it's a surface. It can be disinfected just like those white And i do that when i bring my stuff. Out of the trunk now And then did you hear that thing. That was my phone. No no that's okay. That's right mean we're going to deal with that stuff. I have a toddler upstairs. That does not want to go down for a NAP right now. So it's all good up my groceries down when I bring them in from my trunk at least packages and the Bacher and stuff like that right now and all the time. Fresh fruit needs to be handled with appropriate hygiene. And always. So if you're doing pressure item Then choose things at this time. You know that. Have minimal handling like a whole apple. A BAG OF BREAD. A whole chicken that you're gonNA roast instead of the things that have. Had you know a lot of preparation into them like a Kim thousand sandwich or those things have already been okay? You know multiple ingredients chopping cut different surfaces and hands. And you know okay okay go for the basic raw ingredients okay and is it and you mentioned kind of washing when you get home you wash your food so is that that's like something critical to keep up at this point. Wash your food that is washable. And then when they cook everything. Fruits and vegetables definitely There are some that you can wash ahead of time as long as they dry but things that hold moisture like berries or mushrooms but you only want to wash those right before you use them so they don't right there and get you know molding and funny So I'm sorry Then what you do need to cook well as always Things that are generally perishable like you know meats and eggs and those things you need to cook to an internal temperature of one hundred and sixty five Fahrenheit just on average. I know some of the ranges. Oh one forty-five to you know when sixty and then of course you need to boil pasta bake potatoes those kinds of things that have to be cooked to be out all right like basically at this point in time like don't start getting interesting with like how you're going to consume a potatoes take a giant bite out of it like maybe cook it. I like. That's probably common sense approaches of how you normally do it but maybe just make sure you on that one. Wash your hands really. Well make sure your surfaces are cleaned then scrub your potato under cold running water and then you can cut chopping and prepare it. You're

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