The Day They Closed Our Masjid Ustadh Fahad Ansari


Yesterday for the past six. The current virus rid nineteen and how sets US particularly with the closure from side to nothing did I can remember. Or markets can remember have had has been so impact from on the entire world as this pandemic if you think about it the previous issues of war terrorism other panicky Bola. They had an impact the shook the world they stopped. The word people have to do this differently. Nothing to schedule seeing at the moment is unprecedented that the entire world had to stop so functioning as it's used to functioning and it doesn't matter which party were you. How wealthier country poor countries is not a word of companies a secular country or the Muslim country or the Hindu cut. It doesn't matter it's affecting everybody. Schooling close pubs bars restaurants cafes cinemas theatres everything shut down sporting events primarily the NBA International to completely shut. Down or is international. Problem is installed. It's absolutely chilling to see what's happening is like a complete lockdown and obviously what affects us of believe with more than anything else you take that which is beloved to us away from below the thing to us a daily basis that we have in our minds as believers is also is a prayer at the place to do that is massage now if the controversial decision and the Austin some who assisting the stay open to discuss supposed writer room. I just want to focus on effective getting involved in the whether it's Roger all my opinion is has no consequence isn't bearing I nobody. I cannot influence the most staying open or being closed in this way. Never to the reality is we have to so. Let's think about this aren't delay. Says not even a leaf light tiny leaf fall off a tree in the middle? Of course loss hundred dollar witted for allow Zapped Leaf for. This doesn't draw full off Alah Willett. He wanted foldout. Whatever the reasons we say as to. Why most needs to have because of risk realities Alon wielded that is most close their doors winded that we cannot print these and therefore we need to reflect as A. Why isn't that position? That's the real question. Read you sit and you go fourteen days in suffice. It's a good time to sit and think about this question just over two weeks ago. I sent a picture of the governor and they had close it off completely so all you could see the white marble and you can see people in the off. Cnet would prey and is quite chilling. Side looking at the reassure us. The Authority said that the clean precautionary. It hoped to be running business as usual in a in a short period of time. And have you started wearing Madan? People Perplex go there for. He was thinking about Hutch. But you know there was a feeling that this is going to be okay. Then what happened last couple of weeks slowly restrictions start coming in non-saudi here in the UK into now local massage. What did it last week? The Friday Levin reduced ten minutes could find Saddam told. Don't come to the mess with children. He don't bring the humming. They sit at any level. This talk this could be dangerous. It's a risk to others who post this weekend. We're supposed to be on the retreat. Study Retreat Have to be constantly. He hoped by joining. You'll have a Mogadishu. He talked a video in paramount's Sanchez yourself. Before you come in wearing a must come in. All of these measures were happening. Guidance was coming out from the different organizations. And Councils about how we should deal with this and then yesterday almost like a domino effect one after the other press releases announcements this massive that losses to. It'll be no Jamak mortar. It'd be no Jeremiah. This Muslim he's Prato and the MOMS were crying. The Tears Trustees breaking down saying this is difficult decision. We've had to make. We didn't take it lightly. Believe believe if we did not take his likely and the reason that this is has taken such a hit. The most is not just a place where we pray. It's not just a place where we go. We worship flight time today through the congregation Salah. No it's much more than that. It's a hub of the community is when we have an education system we have found in. We've mothers for the children. We have classes for adults will ever On we A- circle the Mawlid relearn at the practice our faith. It's a place of its place of celebration. Someone has a newborn child legal to celebrate the most their party. Nick weddings morning. He was last rites leaves. Libya genus pre in a mass shooting. People COME TO SOCIALIZE. How feeding so down because after work softer network late night and then the run they come and they just see some of the brothers in this piece this school. This song This was missing the wellbeing discussed affairs of your mom. Local community problems how to resolve them the visual refund. Raise our brothers and sisters locally locally and get into states. A few days older All those lessons of a lot have been taken away from them.

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