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11 Trivia Questions on Green Things



It'd be welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out my show. I hope you are surviving your lockdowns if you're looking for something fun to do guys. I am selling Trivia packages. You could pick two totally different trivia nights for twenty bucks semi email Ryan Buds say. Hey I listened to the podcast and I'm interested in some of those Trivia Nights. I have been Preparing and selling I don't know probably a few dozen of these over the last week or so and people are picking rounds that they like so they might You know It's a five round Trivia night like I would do it. My live shows so that you get to pick four round so somebody sent me one today. It was like Gilmore. Girls Friends Seinfeld and Simpson's so they wanted al-tv rounds so I send them all those rounds and confidence round. I give them a bonus round and put everything in Zip file with instructions and answer sheets scoreboard. You can print out. So you can have Trivia Fund at home and it's one for fifteen or two for twenty so that's something that interests you definitely send me an email Ryan buds You pick just about anything in the world. I am just about done with the whole pokemon five round night and a whole rick. And morty five round night for my friend Alicia to be on the lookout for lots of fun stuff. Coming your way from me. I'm also posting for free a ZIP file of my weekly Trivia nights as if we are still going to do them and you can download download those my website look for links on the homepage. Trivia WITH BUDS DOT COM. I have next week all done. This upcoming weeks For March twenty third week starting Monday so on Monday morning. I'll have those links up on my website. You can download a whole zip file for free if you WANNA play that at home as well. All right we're GONNA jump into today's round. It is eleven questions on green things. I use this last week. For Saint Patrick's Day festivities that were ultimately cancelled. So you can play it today. We're GONNA jump into those eleven questions now here. We go all right guys here. We go green things number one. What two thousand eleven movie stars Seth Rogan as a character named Britt Reid number one? What two thousand eleven movie star Seth Rogan as Britt Reid question number two? What villains with square cranium were always after the Green Character Gumby? What villains with square cranium were always after Gumby question number three? What type of apples are named after a woman named Maria and number three? What type of apples are named after a woman with the first and middle names of Maria and.

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11 Trivia Questions on Green Things

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