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I usually start out by asking something like tell us about yourself and on the record show I say feel free to go all the way back to the day you were born or you can start more. Kern Day and then I say. Tell us about yourself. My name is Ariel Kopech. I am the owner of Harnessed Hindrance coaching. I'll go back to. I was born in Kokomo. Indiana and moved. Wisconsin announced twelve Wisconsin. My home but I spent the past four years in California working out there now. I'm back loving. It can connect to the community and I consider myself sometimes a walking paradox. Because someone said don't swear on a podcast. I won't swear but I will say we're told twenty one but I looked dance. I also like whisky and cigars and sprott climbing. And I'm one of those people just loves hobbies got it. So how did you get into your current field? Kind of fell into it. Started with the training aspect of development so I was training financial advisers for large financial services firm and I became really frustrated with the question. Of Why is it that if they know exactly what they need to do it? Don't do it and how is that? You can lead a horse to drink so became obsessed with trying to answer that question of why I Y Y and that amongst some exposure to some coaches and lot of learning start to dig into that question of why and found that it's not usually a simple logical answer. That's the problem. It's all of the emotional and mental things going the background. When the answer's right in front of you and that became my passion for Dean to coaching. So what is the most unusual business? Type that you've worked with one of the most unusual business types I've worked with probably those in multilevel marketing. Those in that field have a lot of challenges coming up before they even get in the door and they have the same mental and emotional challenges. Everyone else does so. That's what I find with industry occupation. Everyone brings a bunch of personal baggage with them. We all do but the obstacles a little bit different depending upon. What's in rear? So this is my question so dig a little bit deeper in terms of Your Business Right. Harnessing your hindrance or does that me harness. You're hindrance means you can take control and make use of whatever is holding you back and ofttimes you can use it to the point where it will pull you. Forward for example ofttimes comes into play with people's insecurities you'll hear a lot of powerful stories about how someone was nervous about or one of the high became their strength and that was true for me. This was kind of came up after my name. I actually used to be a little insecure about how I couldn't have very shallow conversations sound silly but actually had a friend say to someone behind my back if you WANNA have a deep conversation talked to Ariel. If you don't want to have a conversation do not talk to aerial now. Not to interrupt you but we had our one on one. She's not lying like mind blown like I call them golden nuggets. I had so many in my head that I was like okay enough. I don't WanNa talk to you anymore. Like let's talk a weekly. That is true and it used to be a little bit of an insecurity of mine of. Why can't I just be casual like everyone else? My friend and I were at a bar and talking to some guys and she says to me later. Did I overhear that? He was sharing that his challenging with relationships right now is due to his parents getting divorced at twenty one and this and that said Yeah. Why would you talk about? She said sports so that was an insecurity. But now I've found ironic is that that is what makes me so good at what I do. Digging deeper to find the root cause not settling for the surface level. Answer the symptom but digging down to what is really really going on here and that is how I have harnessed by insurance. Well so my question again so talk a little bit about self awareness in how that has impacted your business in terms of when you decided to do this to today. Self-awareness journey one thing that I have to be really mindful of when I'm coaching is that I am fully present for whomever I'm engaging west and that requires me to be self aware of what's going on with me mentally and emotionally at that time and if it's an energy that I don't want to bring into that person's conversation I have to say okay. I can come back to this but right now. I am fully present for this person. I have to be a blank slate and receive whatever they have to give not give them anything that they don't need right now so for me. Self awareness has been extremely important as a coach to make sure that I am level for whoever I am there to serve and it's an ongoing practice then there's a lot of self awareness that comes with being a business owner as well as many here now So what failure? Business or personal. Allow you to learn your most valuable lesson. And what was that lesson? It's hard to pick one failure that I've learned from so many one failure though that comes to mind right away is actually the first time that I cried at work admitted my occupation for two years and I was one of those stone cold faces that held all emotions in and I believed growing up. That it's a strength to hold your emotions inside. I had one boss broke me. We're good friends. But he said to me at the time it's your fault. She quit and that made me angry and it made me cry. And he's response was. It took me two years. I did it I made to cry but the reason I made me cry was because I knew it was true I knew that my lack of willingness to let go and to delegate properly and communicate everything that was on my mind for this new hire was what led to her leaving Lynn. The long run is probably for the best in as far as everyone's pathways journey but in the moment that was a hard truths to be hit with and that failure led me to learning the importance of letting go and also that self awareness of being real emotions and saying I'm struggling to go this right now because it's been my baby or it's been my project and that's not an easy thing to transition definitely agree. I think one of the things that makes this giant exciting in both challenging is the self awareness rate a lot of times. We put a brave face on as if nothing affects us or like. I was telling somebody earlier. Today was one of those days where it was really high and really low and just being able to recognize that and then properly deal with it. I think is a really important thing. So if someone said unlock me what would your response be how much time you got. No I would say the amount to which you're willing to be unlocked as you say comes from you and I can't unlock anything that you have closed off so my process is a matter of you helping to discover what is going on inside and locked up for yourself but if you have something that's locked away. I can't get in there unless you let me in. And kind of let yourself wariness arnold question what is a key insight that your target audience looks forward to find you or work with you. So what does the prospect looking for in you to want to work with you? It's kind of two parts to answer that question one often times when someone gets introduced to me or you have initial conversation. They're looking for okay. So what strategies and tactics are going to give me to implement to make this work. Or what's the secret sauce and the ironic thing is that the foundation of my coaching is that majority of the time. You have the answer inside of you already know what the right thing to do is if you don't know how to get that answer but majority of the time you already have the answer within you. I'm just there to help draw it out. So that's a part to the answering of the question that a Lotta Times. What someone is looking for when they get introduced to me is not what the offer really is however it only takes a minute for someone to realize okay yeah there probably is some mindset work that. I have to do or I think I do actually know what I need to do. I don't need more information and more options to choose from. I just need to know which option to go west and move forward so if someone is looking for unlocking what they already know or building their clarity for action. That is a good thing to seek me out for but majority of the time. Someone's looking for a quick strategy and in reality they already know that is helping to find. Oh before we wrap up with. Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me my question for you is. What do you gain from having these live events? Some the biggest thing I gained is and when I say this I really mean it. I genuinely enjoy meeting. New People hearing their stories and really just sharing space with people who think as crazy as I do right who have big ideas and things that haven't been done before so I enjoy the energy of engaged with like minded individuals. And it's really fun. I like to embarrass people doing the job of that all right so if people want to reach out to you learn even more about what you do set up a mind blowing. Golden Nugget filled one on one. How can they do that? They can go to harness your hindrance dot com. Find out more information about me. Fill out quick form for or just an introductory call can also connect me on linked in Aerial Kopech Harnessing Hindrance coaching or this point reach out to L Z. And you can connect us as well

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