Los Angeles - Victorville gym reopens, defies CA's stay-at-home order


Southern California gym owner defying stay at home orders by re opening its business CBS to joy Benedict has more from the gym in Victorville it's a scene we haven't seen in awhile as those looking to stay in shape were running lifting working out all inside a gym I don't hear for athletes showed up early at the gym in Victorville anxious to get back to work I have of some bad knees you know the machines a lot easier to work out on the facility's owner defied state and county orders by opening back up to the public on may first I think the owner is doing a great job trying to find ways to keep it open all four of the gems in southern California are open for business it's about being free having that choice having that choice to go where we can't cannot go owner Jacob Lewis argues that gyms are essential when he's heard from members who say they then can contemplating suicide due to the state home order the city came to the gym on Friday and gave the gym three days to shut its doors but Lewis says he'll fight any fines or citations

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