Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton signs 1-year deal with Dallas Cowboys


That a lot of people when we saw the signing of Andy Dalton to the Dallas Cowboys the first reaction was wait what yeah that that happened and so then you go through the process okay Andy Dalton's been a starter for a long time in Cincinnati obviously they drafted Joe burrow number one overall in the draft out of LSU so clearly he is going to be their future so Andy Dalton is signing with the Dallas Cowboys will war would be signed with the Dallas Cowboys what's the meaning there because any don't miss played very well at times he's been into the post season but there is the the offer out there to dak Prescott they're trying to work out a deal and there's a lot of things you can sort of surmised from that if you want but sometimes the map is the math and the numbers are the numbers and I thought that Edward you said this on on Sunday morning on ESPN radio basically summed it up best if you just look at what the two contract offers are it should tell you a lot

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