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Farewell to ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ a delightful show ending at the most unfortunate time


This sitcom Schitt's creek ended last night after six seasons now most good TV shows have fans but shit's creek fans are on another level here's Glen Weldon of NPR's pop culture happy hour podcast look no spoilers shit's creek airs on pop TV here in the states but it didn't become the phenomenon it has until people found it early seasons on Netflix the sixth and final season that concluded last night hasn't hit Netflix yet so we'll be careful here because this shows fans are hard core they dress up as their favorite characters they make YouTube super cuts of their catch phrases I don't think that you'll feel you feel devalued last year they feel four thousand seat theaters just to watch it stars sit and talk about it in a live show the toward the states she plays my best friend Stevie bottom it might seem odd that people get so rapidly excited about a show that some small so gentle so Canadian but it's a that gentleness the way allows its characters to grow into slightly better versions of themselves the people follow up with certainly the show's set up wasn't unique your basic fish out of water story a rich family loses everything and is forced to move to the only remaining assets you bought a small town in nineteen ninety one Johnny yes I bought that is a joke for my son we actually purchased that town they want up living in a run down motel David the brutal condescending son played by co creator Dan levy began his new life in church creek by snapping at Stevie the motel clerk I have asked you thrice now for a towel so that I only wash this town off my body but then gradually something happened David met and fell in love with the local Patrick a sweet closeted businessman their relationship was depicted matter of factly because shit's creek was set in a world without homophobia in a behind the scenes special airing after last night's finale levy said he set out to depict a quick relationship on marked by tragedy or struggle when someone who has opposing beliefs sits down in front of their TV and watches we're not teaching them a lesson we're showing them what life could be like the David Patrick collision chip is one reason the show has been so embraced by the queer community but it's not the only one ladies and gentleman Catherine o'hara in the lease of the picturesque ridge lies a small unpretentious winery one that pampers its fruit like its own babies Hey I'm my referrals yes family matriarch more row faded celebrity fruit wine spokesperson wearer of wings as hats gay icon with a universal appeal I know we said no spoilers but the show's creators have made no secret about the fact that shit's creek concludes with a wedding and some tearful departures for six seasons it was a series of manager show its main character staying true to who they were even as they developed new layers of empathy and maintain their sense of self awareness the kept things from getting too syrupy like the time David and Stevie that motel clerk he yelled at an episode one but then grew close to as the series progressed confessed that neither of them had a best friend before this would be a really sweet moment if what we had just admitted to each other wasn't so sad actually it's both sweet and sad like the legacy that shit's creek leaves

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Farewell to ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ a delightful show ending at the most unfortunate time

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