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By Caltech so Top Gun maverick


So Top Gun maverick that release has been pushed back to Christmas amid the corona Wuhan Wuhan corona virus pandemic and Tom Cruise even tweeted about it Hey you know what they give them enough time to put Taiwan's flag back on his jacket you're saying give them enough time to do that the Winchester mystery house is offering virtual tours to horror fans stuck at home the it's yeah it's it's it's actually pretty creepy the Winchester mystery house is offering a forty minute video tour of the property for anyone who is interested you can tour the home from the comfort of your home it's free they're available at Winchester mystery house dot com slash video tour so and I'll actually that link to the data last our common resources and gun background checks have hit record levels in March of course gun control advocates are short they they say that they're terrified about increase shootings but that's never happen there's no data to support this by

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By Caltech so Top Gun maverick

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