Ep014 Godly Patience in Uncertain Times - burst 1


It if there's one thing. Christians are pretty terrible with its patients. We are so like the Israelites in the Wilderness. Sometimes we even resemble Saul rushing to act and sacrifice before Samuel human weakness or not God does not give a pass on our impatience over over in the scriptures we are commanded to wait on the Lord as I record this cove in nineteen has literally stopped the world and we don't know yet for how long the quote unquote crunch data hoping it is all reliable to begin with. They create their models and offer their best guesses. Meanwhile like a freight train who's emergency brake has been pulled life as we know. It has come screaming and grinding to a halt. We Christians need to model our faith in God to our neighbors. We can do that by modeling. At least three. Characteristics are patients are persistence. And our trust in God's Providence. Over the next three episodes. We'll talk about each of these starting today with patients. We'll be looking at three questions. One what do we do with our inpatients? To what resources does God give us to be patient and three? Can we be patient and eager at the same time? We'll answer these questions today on grace and peace radio.

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