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Is there a call please for parole Carrie Symonds


Pond to London we found out that the British prime minister yesterday has what we do we have the coronavirus couple days ago but he was hospitalized Vicki Barker is in London CBS news correspondent hi Vicki welcome back how are you you know just fine mark all right so far the optimist said I think last time we chatted you were keeping separation from your husband are you still doing that or can you get together at this point no I am no longer self isolating from my husband but is there a call please for parole Carrie Symonds eat pregnant fiancee of prime minister Boris Johnson she's apparently been self isolating from him for a couple of weeks now one now of course he's in intensive care in a London hospital yeah so let's talk a little bit more about that what do we know about the prime minister's condition I did here I think yesterday when a report on this I was worried I think people thought maybe he was on a ventilator he's in the ICU unit but not on a ventilator right now that's right we've just had a briefing from his villains are secretary Dominic Raab who says that Boris Johnson's condition is stable he passed a quiet night he's taking oxygen but he is not on a ventilator in other words he doesn't require any kind of artificial support to bury so I'll side of that I mean obviously one of the stories involving Boris Johnson I I heard this on a CBS news report yesterday morning as I was taking my daughter to the daycare that miraculously is still open but just a few weeks ago he was out there sort of boasting about how he was shaking hands with world leaders yeah and here he is with a covert nineteenth Britain's chief medical officer has had to self isolate he's only just come out of self isolation having tested positive for coke at nineteen and yes Britain's

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Is there a call please for parole Carrie Symonds

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