Cheung Tze-keung - Hong Kong's King Of Thieves



Week. We discussed chauncey early life. And how his obsession with wealth led him to commit to ransom kidnappings as part of a master plan to extort the ten wealthiest men in Hong Kong? His first target was thirty one year old. Victor Lee the son of Hong Kong's wealthiest man Li ka-shing this week we'll delve into the fallout of lease kidnapping. And how it inspired Chung to go after the forty seven year old property development tycoon. Walter Kwok will also discuss. How an unexpected cooperation? Between Hong Kong and mainland China ultimately led to Chung's demise when sixty eight year old billionaire Li ka-shing into his front door on the night of May Twenty Third Nineteen Ninety six. He was expecting to see his son. Victor apologized for being so late instead. He found himself face to face with the infamous criminal. Forty-one-year-old chauncey calm and four other armed. Men Leave recognized Chung immediately. He was wanted by the police for multiple crimes including two high profile robberies at the Kai. Tak Airport the second of which had been the largest cash robbery in Hong Kong's history. There was hardly a person in Hong Kong. Who didn't know Chung secons name as Hong Kong's wealthiest Man Lee knew? It was no coincidence that the thief had chosen his front door to knock on but nothing could have prepared him for what Chong was about to say. The criminal informed Lee that he had captured his son. Victor and if Lee ever wanted to see him again he would have to pay two billion Hong Kong dollars now. We was stunned. He asked where they had taken. Victor but Chong shook his head and repeated the demand. Two billion dollars or victor was dead. Shaking Lee tried to assess how he could gather the money he knew as well as Chong that if anyone could access billions of dollars at a moment's notice it was him his company. Cheung Kong Industries had made him a multi-billionaire and victor was in line for the throne but Lee wasn't worried about the money or his company. He just wanted his son back on your shortland. A professor in political economy assesses that in kidnapping for ransom cases. The hostage is returned alive about ninety percent of the time on. This is because the kidnapper is usually willing to negotiate in feasible deal can often be reached. Shortland also stresses that when faced with a ransom kidnapper dilemma. One should not immediately give in to the criminals demands. The hostage taker is likely to interpret this as evidence that more money is available and they will continue to up the ransom amount. Instead shortland advises keeping the criminal in the dark about one's financial resources. The captive will typically be released for a fraction of the original demand of course most individuals when faced with a kidnapper. Aren't thinking like rational business people. They're more concerned with the release of their loved. Ones and their minds are racing with worst case scenarios like torture and execution but wittingly or not Li ka-shing did the right thing shaking. He told Chung that he couldn't gather so much money at a moment's notice but he would try to come up with what he could. He certainly didn't give so much money lying about in his home. Leah's Chung if he could go to the bank for a withdrawal but the criminal shook his head this could arale suspicion and possibly alert the authorities when cheeky move on lease part and the whole plan could fall apart Lee understood and said he would do his best but he knew there was no way together that much money from inside the house under the supervision of Chung and his men Lee drained every hiding place and wallet in his home. He tried to come up with enough cash and valuables to satisfy the steep ransom demand. All the while worrying about his poor son finally having exhausted all his immediate resources. Li presented Chung with his loot. He knew it wasn't enough but he hoped Chung would settle for it surely he couldn't be expected together two billion if he wasn't even allowed to go to the bank. Lee watched with dread as the men counted their spoils. They were one billion short. Chung glared at Lea- incredulous. He could hardly believe that. A man as wealthy as Li ka-shing could only cough up half the amount on a smaller scale. Chong himself knew what it meant to be wealthy. His criminal escapades had paid off and his double life was lavish to him. Money was something to gamble with and enjoy and Chong's own home reflected. This opulence but Lee was a different breed. He was shrewd he invested. And he certainly didn't keep two billion dollars lying about his comparatively modest mansion once again. Li explained that he couldn't come up with two billion unless John allowed him to go to the bank and for the first time the criminal considered it he could get away with the full amount. If everything went smoothly but ultimately Chung couldn't risk it. If there was one place he had sworn never to go back to. It was prison. Besides one billion dollars was a lot of money. Five Times the amount he had obtained in his last airport robbery and it was plenty to fund his lavish lifestyle but grudgingly. He agreed to settle for one billion dollars half his original ask. He ordered Li ka-shing to pack up the money for him as Lee placed the cash. In bags he has Chong why he was doing this. Chung replied. I take unconventional steps to get rich. Money is the most important thing in life. But it's only me who can get away with kidnapping tycoons Charleena's men grabbed the bags of cash. Jong delivered a final warning if Lee or victor ever told the police about the kidnapping they would be dead. We nod and watched as the vans sped off into the night. Now all he could do was wait hoping that Chong would hold up his end of the bargain meanwhile victor was locked inside. Chun's hideout just over the border in mainland China. It had only been a few hours since his capture when his captors finally returned they blindfolded Victor and hurried him outside into a van as they drove. Victor imagined the worst. Perhaps they were taking him away to be murdered. His body could be buried somewhere. It would never be found and victor's family would never know why their son had disappeared. It was all too confusing and sickening for victor to come to grips with a few hours later. The van rolled to a stop. The car doors opened in several hands helped victor as he stumbled onto the sidewalk. He felt the crisp night air on his skin has one of his captors began untying his blindfold as it fell away. Victor recognized his surroundings. He was standing in the driveway of his father's house. In deep water. Bay Hong Kong Victor was bewildered. Was He being released? Was his family going to be harmed. He turned around and for the first time. Locked eyes with his captor the infamous Chunky Kong as victor stared at Chung. He could hardly register who this person was and what they wanted but before he could make sense of the situation. Chong stepped forward. He grabbed victor's face leaned in and planted a kiss on his forehead. Then he told victor he had been a good boy and he promised never to harm him or his family again back in his hideout. Chon divided the spoils amongst his comrades keeping forty percent for himself. He was happy that it pulled off. Such a new and brave stunt it was proof to Chung that. His master plan was feasible if he could kidnap the son of the wealthiest man in China and get away with it then he could kidnap anyone especially the rest of China's

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