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Philadelphia - A Center City hotel provides space for the homeless to quarantine


Philadelphia officials expected to announce new agreements soon for additional space to house people who have nowhere else to go as they recover from covert nineteen intimate abusive help Europe chief Pat Loeb reports the city already hosting more than forty homeless people with the virus at a center city hotel that's been converted to quarantine space in this town the Holiday Inn has gotten very exclusive first of all site manager Christopher Parton says you need a referral somebody that's being distrustful hospital or they're in a shelter either had tested positive or they're waiting results pardon is a lieutenant with the fire department one of several agencies that refuse referrals transports patients checks the men provide services three meals a day and snacks he compares the operation to a NASCAR pit crew every he has responsibility and everybody's working together it's actually an important thing to try to help deaf population in particular Dr Carol Johnson is deputy commissioner of the health department another partner in the operation she says covert nineteen thrives in places like homeless shelters that don't allow for distancing so a hotel where infected people can have their own room is key to limiting the spread I'm optimistic that it's going to help I'm not sure it's going to solve the problem but we do what we can Pat Loeb KYW

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