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'One World' Concert Review


Did you watch the the one the one world concert on Saturday and cited about it yeah I did it did not disappoint I thought it was great it's been so I mean you know everybody has their own opinion about different things but I just find so interesting on social media you know some people said it was depressing some people thought that it was lip saying some people thought there's some people thought that I left those two hours I only watch the two hours not like you where you can watch the four hour pregame with on social media before I only watched the two hours I was great and I I just thought the performances were great but I was just so moved and uplifted by the stories of the health care workers wouldn't really that that's really what this was all about they were not asking for money they did you know that did not you know tell you the text in and you get give us money and do this and do that it was just and where his campaign to thank health care workers and frontline workers during all we work while we're still are going through I have a little montage here if you want to hear about some of the performances yeah sure I'd give us a little hint as to who we're going to hear in this class you're gonna hear lady Gaga you're gonna hear Paul McCartney Stevie Wonder Billy eyelash Kacey Musgrave Shawn Mendez Camilla Kobe you're gonna hear Elton John in this you're going to be here Lizzo doing the all Sam Cooke song change is gonna come in you're gonna hear the the finale of the show which literally I was brought to tears watching lady Gaga John legend Andre able Charlie and Salim Dion do the beautiful song the prayer this is just a little sampling of the

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