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Them or another type of face


M. to make more medical grade masks New York city's health department now says more than fifty six thousand people tested positive for covert nineteen that's an increase of almost sixty six hundred cases since yesterday more than three hundred deaths in the last twenty four hours mayor bill de Blasio anticipating a surge in cases this week we need more than ever the personnel the people the doctors the nurses all of the medical personnel that will help us through this fight we need the beds the hospital beds the hospital capacity and we're

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Them or another type of face

Buck Sexton Last month

Correspondence aside to reporting

John Batchelor 3 hrs ago

I will say that I think you too in the social platforms have really enable a broad set of new voices to come

Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia 5 hrs ago

Nine seven six thirty three

Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia 6 hrs ago

I've never going to get hurt I'm never gonna get sick I'm never gonna die we know that I lived it

Chad Benson 6 hrs ago

Radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati

Gary Jeff Walker 6 hrs ago

Hospitalization totals decrease as well

Nightside with Dan Rea 6 hrs ago

Pretty clear in San Francisco I'm at Baxter this I think you're right where the odor demands it

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Prosecutor Erica macdonald

Michael Brown 7 hrs ago

Regulated drug that patients must get in person at a medical facility

WTOP 24 Hour News 8 hrs ago

That evening that's Erica macdonald

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal 8 hrs ago