The Batavia


As the Dutch republic its wealth and power flourished through the importing of goods from overseas with huge ships sent to Asia and Africa to bring back textiles tease grains and spices popular proverb among the Dutch during this period. Was Jason. Cross these good but trade is bet on the Dutch east India company known in its homeland as the VOC was a charted company established to coordinate trade in India and other countries throughout Southeast Asia. Monopolizing all trade to the aced at boasted tens of thousands of employees and it's I- Improv at army ships operating under its Lawson's were enormous vessels called aced. India man built to carry large amounts of cargo as well as passengers and equipped with cannons and guns in case pirates launched an attack due to this ause white. They ships moved slowly at an average speed of five knots. Paraly- and typically took eight months to complete a voyage in sixteen twenty eight the VOC commissioned the construction of an expensive new flagship to travel to the company's major tried settlement of Batavia located in. What is today the city of Jakarta in Java Indonesia? Nine after its destination the Batavia was a grand vessel. That was built in just six months at the exorbitant. Cost of one hundred thousand guilders more than four point five million Australian dollars in today's currency the approximately fifty five made it till and fifty-six made a long ship was made of Oak and featured four decks three mosques and thirty guns and had the capacity to carry six hundred tons of supplies. That's up works. Were painted Pale. Green with gold and red detailing and its figurehead. A wooden carving positioned at the bow was a lion leaping upwards in late October sixteen. Twenty eight that Batavia set sail from Amsterdam with a fleet of seven other ships carrying three hundred and forty one people he ranged from bay. Oc officials sailors and soldiers to relatively well off passengers. Traveling with their families. A number of young passengers were cabin-boys ranging from children to adolescence. Who were employed on the ship to white on others? The Batavia was also packed with valuable cargo including stern to build factories with silverware jewels and auctioning coins. That would amount to almost forty one million Australian dollars in today's currency life on the ship was harsh perilous and unpleasant sleeping. Orders were krant and barrels of drinking. Water were contaminated with worms dowding outbreaks of infectious into nutritional deficiency diseases were common resulting in the deaths of ten passengers. Twenty seven year. Old Passenger. Lucretia yawns was traveling from her home city of Amsterdam to be reunited with her husband. Hey was employee of the visa and had left the work in the company's Batavia settlements several years Zolia shortly after he's departure the couple's three young children who contracted a disease and dodd. It was unusual for merchants waft to follow her husband. Diva's but Lucretia was heartbroken and divinely. She was born into wealth and occupied highest social status resulting in her traveling on the Batavia with a maid and having her own. Private Cabin Lucretia. Who was regarded as exceptionally beautiful consistently rebuffed unwanted attention from a number of men the long voyage on the evening of May. Fourteen Lucretia was preparing to retire for the night as she made her way back to her sleeping quarters. She was confronted by eight men wearing masks. Though she couldn't see their faces they spoke to one another and she heard their voices demoss to silence drag to Lucretia to a quiet corner on the ship's deck with Rached under her skirt to grope her and smeared her face legs and genitals with TA and Dynamo. Dong the assault was IVA in a matter

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